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Friday, 28 March 2014

The Social Effect

We all try to create the best websites we can and we endeavour to demonstrate our expertise in the hope good things will come of it. One of the tools we use is social media, that still much misunderstood and abused thing everyone talks about but most still don't get.

Yesterday, and again today, our website's getting a lot of attention from people in Germany. All the traffic is coming to a specific page, our SEO Explained page, and it's all coming from facebook. It seems someone has mentioned us, possibly at this conference, and others are then sharing the info and so on.

Image of Traffic jump to SEO explained page

It's possible this may lead to an enquiry or two and possibly some business, or an invite to talk at a conference..... but it shows one important thing, it shows the content we've created has got some attention. Now for all I know it could be someone disagreeing with us and pointing people at our information in a negative way (no reason why but that's the way of the world) or it could be our presentation of a simple overview of search engine optimisation simply resonates.

Either way it's a simple and graphical illustration of the power of creating content that gets attention.

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