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Monday, 11 August 2014

Enjoy A Virtual Tap on the Shoulder

Like many modern companies we have employees working collaboratively from different geographic locations. By using great tools like Join.me, Basecamp and Github discussing designs, sharing project documents and collaborating on code is a breeze, but day to day office interaction is more of a challenge, or it was. Enter sqwiggle!

Say What?

sqwiggle's a new tool that takes screen based collaboration to a new level and we love it! The way it works is very simple (part of the reason it's so good) and if you've ever enjoyed a video chat using Skype you'll love it too.

As you can see from the screen grab below the app shows you all of your team currently sat at their desks (or anywhere with a decent WiFi connection) and to chat to one of them you simply click their photo and start talking. That's it. The pics are automatically updated regularly (about every 30/40 seconds) so you always know when someone's available.


Why Not Just Use Skype?

I knew you'd ask that! The problem with Skype or any other on demand web based video tool is just that, it's a bit too much well.... on demand. With Skype you don't know if the person's there, it's a bit clunky and the list goes on, in fact here's a great comparison matrix. We love sqwiggle because it's always on and you know the team member's there.

It's a Bit Big Brother Isn't It?

Really? Come on! If you're the kind of person who likes working remotely as part of a team but doesn't want the team to see you and be able to chat to you when required you're in the wrong job! None of our team have complained once about being "spied on", it just wasn't a consideration, they immediately saw the benefits. Mind you, Red Evo is a great place to work...

The Problem With Remote Working, Solved

If you use sqwiggle I'm pretty sure you'll stop using that phrase because sqwiggle solves the biggest issue with remote working, the sense of isolation.

Employees working remotely can become siloed and disconnected, trust me they can! Using sqwiggle will, and for us has, pretty much solved this problem. OK, it's never going to replace those cozy chats at the water cooler but come on guys, your people are hundreds (in our case) or thousands of miles part, you've got to give a little here. Trust me when I say that for us it's been hugely beneficial and is a tool we wouldn't want to be without. Grab it, try it, you'll love it.

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