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Friday, 14 November 2014

Like It Or Not The Like Gate Is No More, Like...

What Is (Was) A Like Gate?

In my experience lots of business users were not aware of facebook Like Gates. In a nutshell you could put content on facebook that people couldn't see unless they liked your page. Obviously this represented a perfect opportunity for businesses to increase the number of people liking them which in turn had the potential to increase the reach of anything posted on their beautifully designed facebook page.

What's The Reason For Dumping Facebook Like Gates?

Anyway, facebook have now decided enough is enough and it's no longer reasonable to coerce people to like your page, you've got to earn their endorsement and access to their news feed.

This means no more competitions you can only see once you've liked a page, no more "private" content for 'likers' only and no more manipulating your facebook profile by effectively buying favour. It's the last one that's important.

Why is This Important?

Up to now companies with deep pockets could effectively give the impression that people love them by running competitions on pages only accessible once you'd liked them. If the like gated offerings were sufficiently appealing (iPhones/iPads etc) then it's easy to see how a company could rack up the Likes and appear to be popular and successful. Like gates effectively allowed companies with deep pockets to buy access to people and their news feed allowing them to get their messages in front of more people.

So What Now?

Like most on-line marketing the time for faking it is all but over and facebook's now pretty much the same. It's no more bribes time, from now on if you want to be liked you'll need to create compelling and engaging content that gives people a reason to like you.

This means companies with creative people or those working with a creative agency will be at a distinct advantage. It's those who will now be able to flex their creative muscles instead of getting frustrated at the cheaters buying favour with like gates.

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