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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Our Year On Sqwiggle Was Interesting

Most people know team Red Evo don't all work in the same office, we're in Aberdeen, Aboyne, Dumfries and Newcastle. This works well but sometimes people can feel a little, well, isolated. Enter Sqwiggle.


When our resident code guru Pete got all excited about Sqwiggle we all thought, "What? We already have Skype, we don't need something else that allows us to talk to each other using our computers." To humour him we installed it anyway and got almost immediately hooked. Sqwiggle's like CCTV on your desktop and it allows you to see and talk to all your work colleagues wherever they might be, and as you can see above whatever they might be doing!

All joking aside it's a great piece of kit (although in our view keep Skype to hand as the chat on Sqwiggle still has a few gremlins). From the point of view of keeping teams connected and remote workers involved, Sqwiggle is a must have team accessory.

Interested? Head on over to Sqwiggle and sign up for a demo account.

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