What Do Your Potential Customers Search For?

Are Customers Finding Your Website?

Understanding what your potential customers search for makes the difference between your website generating business and it being an ineffective waste of time. Keyword and key phrase research is at the heart of any successful search marketing project and we'll make sure you're chasing the right phrases. Call us on +44 (0)1224 443551, email us or use this short form.

  • Find words and phrases worth chasing
  • Optimise your content
  • Look at your competitors keywords
  • Establish the cost of keywords for paid search campaigns

Why is this important?

Let's say you sell widgets. If the keyword research finds people are typing the words 'blue widgets' into search engines then you could optimise your website to appear in search engine results when people type 'blue widgets' into the search box.

In short keyword research makes sure your website's in the game and in with a chance of attracting the right kind of visitors. Without keyword research you're shooting in the dark and hoping your content's right.

Keyword Research

What Else?

The real skill is in finding phrases that people are searching for that other sites aren't using, although this is getting harder. Consider the 'blue widgets' again. If a thousand websites sell blue widgets then you have potentially 1000 other web pages you have to 'beat' to get your web page seen.

But say keyword research finds that people are typing 'buy blue widgets on-line' into search engines and none of the other websites have discovered this then your site can be optimised for this phrase. OK, this is too simple but you can see the principle.

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