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Are your people your company's biggest asset? Are you making it easy for them to collaborate and share their expertise company wide? Are you sick of hunting for information or documents in some impenetrable shared drive system? If these problems are all too familiar an intranet could be the answer to your prayers and we've got the right cost effective solution no matter how big or small your organisation, call us on Aberdeen +44 (0)1224 443551, email us or use this short form.

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Why Our Intranet System?

There are some huge organisations offering intranet solutions. Most of them are proprietary systems locking you in to a per seat pricing model and you'll never own the underlying technology. You'll have to keep paying month after month for every user, no matter how active or inactive they are.

Our offering is different!

We build our intranets using freely available open source technology so there's no licensing costs, no per seat charges and no ongoing costs apart from hosting - just like your website. No matter how many of your employees use the system you'll pay one flat rate, doesn't that sound like a good idea? Furthermore, we can host the intranet for you on a fully managed secure server meaning there's no IT overhead or additional internal resource requirements, again, just like your website.

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Track Record

We've got a track record of building effective low cost intranet solutions and we're happy to provide reference clients in Aberdeen who are using our intranet solution right now. To find out more call us on Aberdeen +44 (0)1224 443551, email us or use this short form.

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