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Aberdeen Based Web Application Developers

Using the web as a framework we create applications that help our clients work more collaboratively, serve their clients more efficiently and streamline their business processes. Whatever your needs, we've got the experience and track record to provide the web application you need.

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Web applications can be as simple as file and knowledge sharing or as complex as asset tracking and management. Applications we've recently developed include:

  • Asset management application
  • Data gathering application
  • Data sharing application
  • Self-service applications for customers

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, we build custom web applications for companies in the oil industry. We've also built web apps for companies in the financial sector and academia. Our web apps get the job done and they help our clients create a competitive advantage.

Web Applications Save You Money

Web applications and mashups can transform your business processes and create cost savings. Talk to us about how we can help you work smarter and save money by improving the way your staff manage your customers or through self service portals that help your customers serve themselves.

The web is a powerful and mature software application development environment. Is your business leveraging its power?

We build web based applications for our clients and some of our completed projects include:

  • Drilling Equipment Management Portal
  • LOLER Compliant Lifting Equipment Management System
  • Financial Transactions Database
  • Lead Management System
  • Rigging Pool Management System
  • Certification Management System
  • Food Diary research system
  • Dance Teacher Database
  • Office Sharing Website

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