What Does Your Website Do?

Does Your Website Add Value?

What does your website do for your business? Who looks at it? How do they find it? How does it compare to your competitors? How social is it? Are people sharing your content and talking about you? Not sure? We'll help you create the right website strategy and answer all these questions and more.

Strategy Starting Point

We'll help you figure out:

  • What success looks like
    More customers? Better customers? More profit per sale?
  • What the competition looks like
    What do you need to do to increase your market share?
  • Who your key visitors are
    Current clients, new customers, staff, investor?
  • Your website visitors needs
    More information? Customer support? Order tracking?
  • How to prioritise and meet your visitors needs
    Helping you to look after your key customers more effectively.
  • How to secure more website traffic
    Search engine optimisation, pay per click, banner ads, social media.
  • How to use social media channels
    Have you got something worth tweeting?

The Starting Point for Your Web Strategy

We don't start web projects by showing you a design - we figure out what you need! To some it's a unique approach, to us it's just common sense. It really is all about you, your needs, your aspirations and your business's requirements.  It's our job to help you understand the possibilities the web presents and how to capitalise on them.

We help businesses use the web effectively by developing winning on-line strategies. The web offers a wealth of opportunities to engage with, communicate with and retain customers and we'll help you tackle the tough questions and find the answers. A great website is about so much more than simply design, in fact today a great looking site should be a given, making it work for you is the challenge and that's our strength.

Of course we do all the usual web related things, all the 'geeky' stuff, all the creative stuff but we do this in a business context, that's why we are different.

 Your Web Frustrations Solved

For a fixed fee we'll create a plan for your on-line success. The service is tailored to your exact needs but includes:

  • A face to face or telephone meeting to gather information
  • A detailed analysis of your competitors' on-line activities
  • A detailed analysis of your competitors' website rankings
  • A detailed report of the opportunities you may be missing
  • A detailed plan for on-line success

On delivery of this service you will understand how you could be making better use of the web. You will also understand what your competitors are doing and the work required to compete with them on-line.

Call us on +44 (0)1224 443551 or use this short form and we'll open up the world of the web to your business.

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