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If you're struggling to keep your website current, running smoothly and adding value to your business and you've decided to engage a website maintenance company, we're here to help. Simply fill out this short form to arrange an informal chat.

An out of date website could be doing your business more harm than good, and if the software it's running on isn't kept up to date it could be vulnerable to attack by hackers.

Our website maintenance services make sure your website is always up to date, secure and working for your business. What's more, we do this at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own in-house team.

Services Include:

  • Website Maintenance and Management
  • Mobile friendly conversions
  • Hosting
  • Design
  • Coding
  • Online Marketing
  • Content Creation and Updates
  • Software security updates
  • Backups
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • and the list goes on...

If your website's important to your business and you need a team to manage it we're here to help.

Why Looking After Your Website Matters

If your website's out of date or if it doesn't work on smartphones and tablets or the software's vulnerable to attack you're putting your business at risk and missing opportunities.

You need a team of experts to give you peace of mind, a team who will take responsibility for your organisation's online presence so you can get on with running your business.

Just like outsourcing payroll, accounting and PR work, outsourcing your website maintenance simply makes sense and is cost effective.

To find out more, simply fill in this short form or give us a call.

Website Maintenance FAQ's

What are website maintenance services?

Most websites are built using a content management system or CMS. These systems are used because they simplify adding and editing web pages and make it easy to add new functionality. Popular systems include Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and Craft. These content management systems require regular software updates to keep them secure, and this is one of the services provided by website maintenance companies.

Do websites need maintenance?

Most websites require maintenance to keep the software that powers them up to date and secure. They also need support to make sure there is a back up of the site available in case the webserver fails.

Why do I need website maintenance?

If your businesses would suffer as a result of your website being unavailable, then it makes good business sense to take a proactive approach to website maintenance. You could either hire an in-house website maintenance specialist or outsource the maintenance to a website maintenance company.

What is website maintenance process?

Website maintenance processes include uptime monitoring to make sure the website is working along with monitoring the CMS software to keep it secure. There will also be processes for taking regular backups and web server updates.

How do you maintain a website?

The effective maintenance of a website depends on the way the website was built. For most websites, maintenance involves monitoring for problems that will take the site offline and ensuring the software being used is up to date and secure. It also makes sense to take regular backups.

What are the job duties of a web manager?

Web managers can be responsible for a wide range of duties including technical work such as software and web server updates through to content-related work such as adding new web pages.

What is website support?

Website support is the name given to services that make sure a website is running efficiently and doing the job it was designed to do.

What is a Web team?

A web team is a group of people with a range of skills for creating, managing and growing a website. Typically this includes technical people such as programmers, creative people such as graphic designers and content creation specialists such as marketers.

What does website maintenance include?

Website maintenance usually includes website hosting, software updates, uptime monitoring and website backups.

How much does it cost for website maintenance?

The cost of website maintenance depends on the agreed scope of work. For most businesses, monthly fees are likely to start at around £500.00 per month.

How much does it cost to maintain a website monthly?

Average monthly costs of essential website maintenance start at £500.00

What does it cost to maintain a website?

The cost to maintain a website will depend on who does the work. If you take a DIY approach, which is not as complicated as it sounds, the cost is only your time. If you hire an agency to do the work average costs, start at £500.00 per month.

Do I need a server for a website?

Yes, websites are essentially a collection of files and the computer on which these files are stored is called a server. Web servers are specialised computers permanently connected to the internet.

How big of a server do I need for my website?

The capacity of the server you need for your website is dependent on the type of website you run. Small brochure websites only require servers with minimal disk space and RAM. Large sites require much bigger hard disks, CPU's and considerably more RAM.

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