Whether you like it or not, content has become an essential part of our day to day business and marketing lives. Without good content a company is unable to express what differentiates them from their competitors, clarify and publicise the services and products they offer and generally create and build on relationships with potential, new and existing clients. Despite this being common knowledge many companies can find themselves floundering when it comes to creating website content, in particular when creating a new website.

website content checklist

“I Haven't Got Round To It Yet”

This is probably one of the most common phrases any person in a digital marketing or web design agency will hear from a client during a project and it is often one that strikes fear in their hearts. Many companies find the sheer scale of the content writing task to be intimidating and commonly keep putting it off in favour of other aspects of the website's design such as the image and branding side of things. What many directors and managers can also forget is that they can delegate writing some of the content, they don't have to take it all on their shoulders.

“I Don't Know Where Do To Start!”

Many design agencies will be happy to help you get started on your content. This is normally done through a discussion about who you are as a company, how you want to be seen by your potential consumers or clients, and what services and/or products you offer. Below is a brief checklist to help you get started when it comes to writing your content:

  • Home Page: how do you want to be seen as a company?

  • About Us: who are you? What is your history; where did you start out? What are you building to in the future?

  • Products/Services: what products/services do you offer? Allow a page for each product or service, aim to have at least one good image (more if it's a product) and a minimum of a paragraph of text about the product or service.

  • Our People: this isn't suitable for everyone but some companies like to introduce their people. Examples of such companies might be the likes of design agencies, lawyers and solicitors and larger companies who want to present information about their senior management/board of directors. Good quality images are a must - and try to make each bio personal as well as outlining skills and qualifications; add personal details such as their favourite food or music to show a bit of personality and demonstrate your team are real people!

  • Contact Us: Where are your office(s)? A Google map of where you are will never go amiss; how can they get in contact with you? Try to include as many contact details as you can, and, if possible, provide direct phone numbers. Have you considered an enquiry/contact form? Are you hiring? What about a careers page?

  • Blog/News: Keep your visitors up to date on company and industry news, educate them on what is going on in your industry: use this as a platform to differentiate yourself from your competitors, demonstrate your skills and knowledge.

By no means is this an exhaustive list but it is a good starting point when it comes to creating content for your website. Alternatively check out our guide to content marketing ebook for more tips and tricks when it comes to this really important aspect of your business.

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