Diana Hay


In A Nutshell

Hi I’m Diana, I am an out of place Norteña that likes to make all things interesting to look at and easy to read. I work as a Web Designer at Red Evolution.


Born in the States but raised in Mexico, moved to the UK in 2014. Throughout my life I have done numerous things from waitressing to zombie, but nothing compares to the glory of design! After finishing an exchange programme in Spain I started working as a student intern for the advertising department at the local newspaper, when I graduated I worked in a marketing agency focusing on branding and identity for a few years until I decided to go solo as a freelancer. Since then I have worked on multiple projects for a variety of clients, these range from brand development to editorial features, events and web design.

Diana Hay - Zombie Movie Star


BA in Graphic Design from CETYS Universidad.

When I'm Not at Work

I am a plant mama and frustrated non-dog owner. I enjoy watercolouring and crafts while listening to music, I am a rocker at heart but enjoy the occasional Taylor Swift. I also like to get lost in books (preferably YA novels), watch some comedy specials or binge watch the latest trend on Netflix. Sometimes I like to cook for a pretend audience, but it is the trying new foods part that I enjoy more. But mostly I am daydreaming about having a puppy.

Diana Hay - Dog Lover

The Five Questions


1 Favourite film?

Big Fish & Fight Club.

2 Favourite band?

It changes depending on my mood, but Foo Fighters and Kinky are always present.

3 Perfect meal?

Tacos al pastor from Don Pepe.

4 Pets?

I have plants and a husband.

5 Happiest when?

Interacting with furry friends.

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