IslaMarie Turnbull

SEO, Social Media & Web Marketing

In A Nutshell

Well hello, my name is IslaMarie. I am a digital marketing consultant here at Red Evolution, although I love being able to discuss new designs too.


Although I have a first-class degree in Product Design I also have a strong background in marketing having worked in promotions, sales and consumer research when I was younger. I have worked in London with SFW (now VCCPme) as well as some smaller agencies up here in Aberdeen. I believe that you should never be put into a box which is what I love about working with Red Evolution as they allow me to work across all specialisms capitalising on all my strengths and knowledge.


I have a first-class Bdes Hons in Product Design and was awarded the Alexander C Barker Award when leaving university. However, during my time at university, I was also awarded and IPA Summer School Place and a place at The Materials Entrepreneurship Conference by IOM3 (also in London). I was also a key speaker at the Trauma Care 2010 Conference and I am a qualified swimming teacher.

When I'm Not At Work

I have always been a very active person and love to get out and about (although my body can't always keep up with me now) I am a proud mum to my two little boys and they certainly keep me on my toes so spare time is scarce anyway. I am also a very stereotypical 'mother' and love cooking and baking.

The Five Questions


1 Favourite film?

I don't think I really have a favourite film although Home Alone has to be up there.

2 Favourite band?

This is totally dependant on my mood and can swing from Ludvico Einaudi to Muse...which confuses everyone.

3 Perfect meal?

Ooooh you can't go wrong with a venison steak, creamed potatoes and red cabbage, nom nom! Although a meal of just puddings would really be my perfect meal!

4 Pets?

I have 2 guinea pigs (floki and smudge) and 2 children (Jack and Hunter), although I would love to have an otter :)

5 Happiest when?

Surrounded by people I love (how cheesy is that!?)

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