Leslie Cousin de Oliveira

Video/Podcast Production & Design

In A Nutshell

Hi, I’m Leslie! I’m a French national from Portuguese descent (on my dad’s side) living in Scotland. I like saying that borders are not really compatible with my personal & family history. As you can imagine!

I am a very creative person who loves creating contents: from video to graphic design. I decided to develop a professional expertise centered around this character trait (can we call it that? I guess so!)

As far as I remember, I’ve always loved to understand how images were made. Soon, I wanted to understand how they were shared and received by audiences. Hence my experience as a film curator and film festival programmer and coordinator as well.

I’m just fascinated by films and how they can empower us. I hope one day to start a Phd in Film Studies and teach in Uni someday (it’s on my bucket list).

In the meantime, I hope I’ll allow business and organizations of all sizes to draw advantage from the video format!


I graduated in Film Production in 2012, and Image & Film Curation in 2014 and 2016. Following my final graduation, I decided to create my freelancer business that evolved over time as I gained more experience and confidence. I currently share my « creative expertise » between Red Evolution’s great projects and my own business’ named La Lune des Fraises.


2-year technical degree in Film Production (Paris)
BA in Image & Film Curation (Paris)
MSc in Film, Exhibition and Curation (Edinburgh)

Leslie Cousin de Oliveira - Top of Mountain

When I'm Not At Work

I’ve always hoped to leave a positive impact around me, so I’ve been volunteering for a few years now in different organizations (depending of where I lived). I did film recording for a LGBTQ+ ciné-club in Paris in 2019/2020. Since living in Aberdeen, I’ve been volunteering for CFINE to promote gardening as a mean to fight isolation and food poverty, and cooking classes as a way to learn how to cook healthy meals with low cost or homegrown ingredients.

As you may have guessed, I love to cook. Particularly vegetarian dishes since I always learn something new about plants when I cook them.

I love to grow plants as well and I’m fascinated by herbalism and botany. I love to walk and visit new places: it broadens my mental map of the World!

Leslie Cousin de Oliveira

The Five Questions


1 Favourite film?

Tricky, but I would say The Wall by Alan Parker.

2 Favourite band?

Also tricky, but Yseult is a wonderful, inspiring artist.

3 Perfect meal?

All of the food please, but shared with friends.

4 Pets?

The loveliest black cat named Yuzu.

5 Happiest when?

Road tripping around Scotland with loved ones.

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