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What Is The Purpose Of Your Website?

website broken.jpgAre you worried about your website? Do you think it's not performing? Before you say that it isn't working, you need to know what it was built to do. Do your expectations now match its original objectives? 

As an agency with a focus on generating leads, one of the first questions we ask our website customers is, "Do you want it to bring in enquiries?" It surprises us how many people say, "actually, not really." So if not all websites are there to bring in leads, what are they there for?

Information Websites

If you work in a very specific niche, an industry sector where everyone knows everyone else, or you operate in a geographically compact area, it could well be that all your sales come from people who already know you and your business. In these situations business is done face-to-face or by referral. Your website is there to provide additional information, technical data and background reassurance to people who know you and are seriously considering working with you.

So, while it's not bringing in new leads, it's an important part of the sales process, but nearer the bottom of the funnel than many websites. Its job is to convince, inspire trust, provide detail, and for that it needs testimonials, case studies, product comparisons and information about you and your colleagues.


After Sales Websites

Many companies sell in person, from a shop or face-to-face and so their website is not part of the sales process. However, it can be important to have the means to provide instruction manuals, spare parts, optional extras, or follow-up subscriptions or add-ons. In this sort of situation, an incentive to get people to visit the website is useful so that you then have the opportunity to engage with them and communicate about special offers or addiitonal products.

Awareness Websites

These websites are for people who have never heard of you, so the most important aspect is getting found in the first place. That comes down to great SEO so that your site pops up on the first page of GoogleTM when potential customers are searching for what you sell. You may also want to use online advertising such as AdWords or Facebook advertising to tell people what you do.

Once they click on a search result or advert, the website has to explain what you do and how you can help, with lots of useful, explanatory content for people who are in the early stages of making a buying decision.

help someone.jpg

Lead Generation Websites

And finally, our favourite, the website that brings in high quality enquiries for you to convert into sales. This website has to do everything well - sing, dance, make the tea, if possible - as it has to guide visitors through their journey to becoming customers.

It needs to attract people who haven't heard of you, with great SEO, it has to engage with them, with great educational content, it has to reassure them with testimonials and case studies and it has to give them a reason to get in touch, make contact with you.

So, take a look at your website, and think back to the reasons you created it in the first place. There's no right or wrong, because every business is different. What's important is that it's the right website for your company, that it does what you need it to do. Once you know that you can measure it and make sure that it's doing what you want.

If it's not, then speak to us

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