Digital PR Builds Your Brand & Search Rankings

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Google™ uses relevant links from other websites to measure the authority of yours. Digital PR builds link profiles that Google™ loves. Create the digital footprint your business needs with digital PR.

Why You Need Digital PR

Google™ uses links from other websites to your website as an authority signal. If trustworthy websites link to yours, your website rankings will improve.

For this reason, many people buy into low-cost link-building schemes that either don't work or worse, harm search rankings. Digital PR builds relevant valuable links which enhance your brand and search rankings.

How We Build Your Brand With Digital PR

Our specialised SEO expertise combined with our content marketing skills mean we're the perfect partner to improve your digital presence. Digital PR boosts organic search rankings by seeking opportunities for genuinely earned backlinks. All links are earned, we never buy them.

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How Google™ Created Their Empire - And How That Relates To Digital PR

Google's founders recognised that indexing web pages was challenging and the scale of the challenge meant that an effective solution needed to be automated and reliable. Their solution was at once simple and beautiful.

They recognised that people shared good content and the way they did that was to link to it. In fact, the idea of linking was the whole reason Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee created the web in the first place. He wanted a way for academics to be able to reference other works in a way that made them easy to access.

What Sergey and Larry did was use links to measure the popularity and by extension the authority, of web pages. Armed with this information they were able to organise web pages not only by subject but by importance. They figured out how to automatically organise web pages so the best ones were shown first when people searched. Simple eh?

How Digital PR Helps Web Page Rankings

Getting people to link to your website to increase its authority and search rankings is hard. Also, it gets harder when you factor in that it's generally only links from other authority web pages that are going to help your pages perform better.

Digital PR presents opportunities to feature your content on relevant authoritative websites. This in turn presents opportunities to secure the kind of links that are actually going to help your website become an authority itself.

We help businesses find opportunities to feature their content on websites that will help improve their rankings.

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Digital PR FAQ

What is digital PR?

Digital PR is the process of encouraging the owners of relevant, high authority websites to post your content and mention your brand.

How do you do digital PR?

To do digital PR effectively you need to find opportunities to create and post content on other peoples websites. These can be thought pieces, research-related content and helpful guides.

Why is Digital PR important?

Digital PR is important because it helps to generate interest in your brand along with traffic to your website and better rankings in Google.

What is SEO PR?

SEO PR is another name for digital PR. SEO PR is about finding ways to place content on other organisations websites to secure backlinks to your own website.

How does digital PR work?

Digital PR works by building citations and links from relevant authority websites in your business niche. These mentions and links help to build your authority leading to improved search rankings.

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