B2B PPC Management

We create and manage PPC campaigns for tech and engineering companies. This includes research, landing page creation, ads creation and ads management.

The right PPC strategy combined with a well-configured campaign will generate business opportunities and provide valuable business insights that can be used in other areas of your overall digital marketing efforts. We're a B2B PPC management agency who will make that happen.

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Is PPC Right For Your Business?

Most search results on Google™ are a blend of natural or organic results and paid or PPC listings. Increasingly, the paid results dominate the page shown to people when they carry out a search.

The paid results are created on Google using the Google Ads™ platform, which can be a powerful lead-generation tool, especially if you engage with a specialist. Our B2B PPC management services will help you maximise the return on your ad spend and guarantee results.

With the right B2B PPC campaign strategy your ad spend will generate enquiries and opportunities for your business.

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Why Invest In PPC?

Most digital marketing relies on people clicking through to your website. The reason companies invest in search engine optimisation is to appear higher up the organic search results in the hope this leads to more visitors arriving on their website.

Securing good search results in most markets, even when working with a digital marketing specialist, is a long game. It can take months or even years to push a web page up the rankings for a particular search term, a good PPC strategy short-circuits this.

It’s a fast-track way of gaining exposure and getting traffic to your website and in some cases works out cheaper than securing natural search listings.

But getting PPC wrong can be very expensive. With clickas costing anything from a few pounds to £20, £30 or £50, you need a PPC management partner to run things. Our B2B PPC management services are the perfect solution.

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Why Choose Us For Your PPC Project?

As a full-service digital agency, we offer PPC as part of a much bigger digital marketing offering. This means we don’t look at your paid search campaigns in isolation; we make sure they dovetail with all your digital marketing activities and deliver a great return on investment.

We also create all the required assets in-house, including landing pages, the dedicated pages used for PPC campaigns, all the required research, the creation and ongoing management of the ads and the data analysis that helps optimise them.

Also, we do all this by quoting set fees, not a percentage of your ad spend like some PPC agencies.

We'll guarantee to make your PPC budget deliver value to your organisation. We're a PPC partner you can trust.

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Red Evo FAQ

Q. How much should I pay for PPC management?

The amount you pay for PPC management depends on the charging model used by your agency. Some agencies charge a flat fee in exchange for their expertise, others prefer to charge a percentage of the ad spend.

Q. What should I look for in a PPC agency?

As with most digital marketing work, the most important thing to look for in a PPC agency is a transparent approach and meaningful reporting. PPC generates a lot of data and you should be clear from the outset on the metrics you expect to see in your PPC reports.

Q. Is PPC expensive?

PPC is only expensive if the cost of the clicks means you're not making a profit on your investment. This means you need to understand the cost per acquisition. There are many free online calculators to help you understand these important numbers.

Q. Why is CPC so high?

In some areas of PPC, the cost per click or CPC is high because of high competition and an associated high perceived value of the product or service being advertised. Clearly, competition alone isn't enough for a CPC to be high but when the value of the click is also high the CPC can be eye-watering.

Q. What is a good PPC budget?

In simple terms, a good PPC budget is one that delivers a good return on your investment. For some campaigns that might be £10 per day, for others £1000 per day. There are no hard and fast rules.