Is Your Tech Or Engineering Company Struggling To Create The Right Social Media Strategy?

If you're a tech company, getting social media right is hard. The winning formula involves creating content that educates and entertains and that's how we can help.

Using social media in a business context doesn't come naturally to many businesses. The informal nature and potential for unintentional consequences make many stay away. But a well managed and authentic social media presence can enhance your brand and create opportunities.

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B2B Social Media Campaigns

Social media is any online network that allows users to post content and interact with other users. There are so many social networks available it can be difficult to keep up and know what to post where.

Just like it is with B2B content marketing, using social media effectively for your business starts with developing an understanding of which social media platforms your ideal customers are using when looking for help and advice.

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Should You Invest In Social Media Marketing?

Well over half of the adult population uses social media and the number continues to increase. When it comes to your business, social media can be a great way of reaching new customers and engaging existing ones for very little cost, but only if you think about them in terms of what you can give as opposed to what you can take.

Also, if you want to make the most of the time and energy you invest in your social media, you need to have a content marketing strategy.

It's about uncovering your objectives for social media and figuring out who your main audiences are, where best to reach them and what content you’ll need to post in order to attract and engage them.

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Red Evo FAQ

Q. Does social media marketing work for B2B?
A. People do business with people so social media marketing needs to be authentic. If you approach social media marketing with the intention of being genuine and personal it can be a very effective marketing channel.
Q. How is social media used in B2B marketing?
A. Social media is used in B2B marketing to engage with potential customers, providing the help and advice they need using a non-sales approach. By helping and engaging with people on social media they will potentially become customers and advocates for your brand.
Q. Which social media platform is best for B2B marketing?
A. LinkedIn™, X™ and YouTube are all popular platforms for B2B social media posts. However, the fundamental truth with social media is you need to be where your ideal customers hang out.
Q. Is Facebook good for B2B marketing?
A. Facebook™ can be good for B2B marketing because of the simple fact that B2B decision-makers are active on this platform. However, most people use Facebook™ for leisure so finding the right strategy is crucial if you want to avoid annoying people.
Q. What is the goal of social media marketing?
A. The main goal of social media marketing is to raise awareness of your brand without it feeling like you're advertising to the users of the platform you're using to promote your business.