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Our digital marketing podcast is a plain-speaking, humorous and relaxed show that people love. It's for business owners and marketing managers who want to get the low down on improving the way they generate revenue online. It's available in all the usual places.

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Why We Created Our Podcast

From the outside looking in digital marketing might look complicated, but it isn't. In our Digital Marketing From The Coalface podcast, available through all the usual channels, we demystify digital marketing and provide useful insights, tips and advice all designed to help you cut through the jargon. Based on the feedback we get our shows are entertaining, educational and easy to understand, but why not judge for yourself.

To make things easy, we've created a standalone website for the show where you can also submit your own questions and topics for future shows.

What The *?*?! Is A Podcast?

A podcast is simply a series of recorded conversations presented as a show. In much the same way as Graham Norton in the UK or Jay Leno in the USA bring on guests and have (usually) entertaining conversations so it goes with podcasts. The only difference is most podcasts are topic-specific, for example, ours focuses on digital marketing and business growth.

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Our Intended Audience

Our podcast is aimed at people who want to listen to plain English entertaining conversations about digital marketing, business development and sales. The shows both demystify their subjects and provide actionable advice to help people get more value from their budgets.

Most of the shows are conversations between the team here at Red Evolution but we regularly have guests to talk about their experiences and expertise. If you'd like to come on the show please get in touch.

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How Long Are The Shows?

Our shows last between 35 and 60 minutes. Basically, when we feel we've exhausted the subject we wrap up. One of the great things about podcasts is, unlike traditional media such as TV and radio the length of episodes can vary because they are simply listened to on-demand and not as part of a schedule. If you're anything like us, you'll probably fit listening around other activities such as driving or jogging and dip in and out. Podcast players are great at keeping track of where you are.

Should I Start A Podcast For My Business?

Podcasts are very popular and the number of shows is growing. This means having a podcast has the potential to make more people aware of your business. But don't think of a podcast as an advert, that's not going to work. Instead, think of a podcast as a way to educate and entertain people so they become interested in what you've got to say. If you get that right it's likely your show will generate business.

Want To Start Your Own Podcast?

Please use this form to tell us about your podcast project. If you don't like filling in forms and you'd prefer to simply book a Zoom chat, please use our online booking service or call 01224 443551.

What Happens Next?

Once you've made contact and we've arranged a time for a chat, we'll discuss your requirements and establish if we're the right team to help you.

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