Testimonial - Hoover

Case Study

The Challenge

Standing Out From The Crowd

Hoover operate in a crowded vertical.

They're going toe-to-toe with entrenched players that have massive marketing budgets and they're also working in a hide-bound industry, where risk-averse buyers prefer to go with solutions that seem to be 'tried and true'.

Even if doing so jeopardises their bottom line or increases the environmental impact of their activities.

Like many B2B companies, Hoover also face the unenviable challenge of pitching a considered purchase to a cold audiance, which means that the look and feel of their website has to be spot on.

They also need to capture people at the right part of the buying process, present a compelling story and provide all the credentials needed to build trust. 

It's a tough call, but we've always loved a challenge.

The Solution

A Fresh Look & Feel

To help fuel Hoover’s ambitious growth plans, we started out by refreshing the look and feel of their website: Travelling out to Florida to meet with the team, getting to know the business, and brainstorming ideas for an updated design that'd speak to their brand values.

The old site was informative, but  it wasn't doing the heavy lifting required to grow the business.

To engage and convert, B2B websites need to tick a lot of boxes. First, they need to host all the content required to get you ranking on Google and drive visitors through to your key product pages. They also got to communicate brand values, establish your authority and persuade people that you're the company they need to solve whatever problem you've got the solution for. 

To do this, the look and feel have to be spot on: images, buttons and type faces have to be compelling and evocative, the words have to be right and individual web pages have to flow well.

People rarely get it right, but when they do, their website performance tends to skyrocket and they enjoy a steady stream of relevant enquiries, which is exactly where Hoover wanted to be. 

After an in-depth discovery session, we realised that the old Hoover site wasn't sending the right signals.

We also knew that a full site rebuild wasn't on the cards so we set about tweaking what was already there: Refreshing key pages to boost curb appeal and make sure the site spoke to Hoover's key demographic. 

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