Hoover Pumping Case Study

The Challenge

Standing Out From The Crowd

Hoover operate in a crowded vertical. They're going toe-to-toe with entrenched players that have massive marketing budgets and they're also working in a hide-bound industry, where risk-averse buyers prefer to go with solutions that seem to be 'tried and true', even if doing so jeopardises their bottom line or increases the environmental impact of their activities.

Like many B2B companies, Hoover also face the unenviable challenge of pitching a considered purchase to a cold audience, which means that the look and feel of their website has to be spot on, while attracting people at the right part of the buying process, presenting a compelling story and providing all the credentials needed to build trust.

The Solution

A Smart New Strategy

We started with keyword research, using a plethora of tools to work out how people researched and bought irrigation systems for commercial properties in Florida.

Having identified that Hoover were not showing up for the most important phrases, we set about building a digital marketing strategy that'd allow us to reach the people searching for what they do, and turn them into Hoover customers.

The old site was informative, but  it wasn't doing the heavy lifting required to grow the business.

Solutions Large Image - Hoover

Re-optimising Pages

There are many ways to skin a cat. Often, agencies will jump straight into writing new content, but we recognised a few quick wins that'd help Hoover scale in months - rather than years. 

We managed to repurpose a slew of existing pages; altering URLs, heading and body copy to ensure they'd rank for high-value search phrases.

Creating New Content

Having started the ball rolling, we turned to our in-house content team – drawing on their expertise to write new pages that sought to answer real questions; address pain points and bring search traffic flooding onto the Hoover site.

We also built out pages that told a compelling story about Hoover's expertise, and the quality of the solution on offer.

Building Trust

Speaking of important signals, we also set about adding trust-building elements to the Hoover site.

Certification logos, case studies, customer testimonials and team imagery were put at the front and centre of the site so that potential customers could get a good feel for Hoover's credentials – and the level of service they provide.

The Outcome

The Results Speak For Themselves...

We've helped to deliver


increase in YoY organic traffic


Increase In Non-Branded Traffic


increase in visitors reaching key contact forms

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