Bar le Duc seating
Bar le Duc seating
Bar le Duc seating

Master Industrie Case Study

A Strategic, Content-Based Approach To Going Global


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It is working well and growing, with qualified leads every week – corresponding to hours of traditional phoning/mailing campaigns or tradeshows.

Yann Le Guyader
Yann Le Guyader

Managing Director, Master Industrie

Generating Leads Around The World

Master Industrie is a French company that designs, manufactures and installs retractable seating systems from their factory near Nantes. With our help they have grown from a local business to an international supplier with clients across Europe, Asia and North America.

It has been a gradual evolution, based on a strong understanding of their business, their ideal customers and the data, and has transformed their online presence.

The website now generates regular leads from around the world and they have much higher visibility in North America.

The Challenge

Master Industrie’s English language site was barely receiving any traffic, and the few visitors that did see it were not progressing beyond the home page. They were therefore missing out on opportunities to attract new customers and grow beyond their French base.

Vendespace, Mouilleron le Captif, France
Old Master Industrie website

The Solution

Website blog page with SEO graph showing increase on top


We took a data-driven, inbound marketing approach, looking at who their potential customers are, and what they are searching for online. By creating new pages and blog posts to attract the right people we were then able to offer them tailored e-books which helped them in their jobs. This generated high quality leads for the sales team to follow up.

From next to no traffic and very few leads, the site now attracts over 500 visitors a month and receives enquiries from all over the world.

Mobile view of website and e-book cover


Without undertaking a full web design project, we have used the growth driven design technique to improve the site gradually, changing the style of the pages, adding sections and improving the overall look and feel. The home page in particular is now more attractive and serves to send visitors to other parts of the site so that they can find the relevant information. We have also designed attractive e-books that present inspirational ideas to prospective clients.

Social media posts


We have established a content calendar for LinkedIn advertising, targeting a very specific audience of potential clients and specifiers in the USA. As part of the process we have edited videos to create eye-catching, high impact adverts demonstrating the unique properties of Master Industrie’s seating systems. The campaign has generated quality leads from some of the most high profile venues in the US.

Various flags showing different languages on the website

International Roll-Out

Master Industrie asked us to use the new design on their French and Spanish websites and to create microsites for the Netherlands and Sweden. We were able to simply clone the sites and give their team access to the content so that they could translate it accordingly. We also added specific content for their New York office to help them establish their base in North America.

The Outcome

The results speak for themselves

We've helped to deliver







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