Sight Scotland Case Study

The Challenge

The charity wanted a Scottish digital marketing agency who could streamline and manage their Google Ads and Google Adgrant ads, introduce Facebook ads as well as advising their marketing team on SEO. 

During our four year engagement, we also assisted their team with the creation of a new website and launch of the new Sight Scotland brand, and provided a range of training and advice.

The Solution


We started with a review of their complex Google ads and Google Adgrants accounts and overhauled them to make them more manageable and avoid duplication across the two. We also increased the number of services using Ad Grants, freeing up budget to use with Facebook.

For the services that were new or less familiar to their audience, and therefore not actively being searched for, we used Facebook ads, experimenting with different formats and advising on the higher impact of video. We successfully filled training courses and attracted participants to fundraising challenges such as the Kiltwalk and promoted their new support line.


As well as identifying that video ads outperformed image ads on Facebook, we also set up Sight Scotland’s first YouTube ads. Our in-house videographer edited the powerful video footage that the client provided to create 30 second YouTube ads and 6 second bumper ads. Using YouTube’s targeting options we were able to attract potential users of the services to the website. To help the team film and edit their own videos in future, we provided a comprehensive video training workshop which gave them the skills and confidence that they needed.

The Outcome

The Results Speak For Themselves...

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