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A B2B SEO Agency For Growing Companies

Your website's SEO impacts the number of visitors it receives from Google™ search and the number of qualified enquiries it generates. But getting an SEO strategy that's right for your business involves more than simply optimising your existing website content or messing about with your metas.

To grow your business by attracting potential customers from search, which is sometimes referred to as inbound marketing, you need to understand the problems they are trying to solve and create the content they are searching for. You need to know your audience. A B2B SEO strategy will make this happen.

Is It Worth Investing In SEO?

A well thought out and executed SEO strategy requires a significant investment, it's not a cheap and quick fix to your lead generation efforts. But if you search on Google for the products and services you offer and only see your competitors in the results, it’s probably a good idea to consider investing in SEO. If you are getting visitors but you're still not generating enquiries, a conversion optimisation exercise is needed. This will turn more of your visitors into customers.

SEO done right can cement your business at the top of Google or Bing search results and generate website traffic and enquiries in a way few other techniques can match. Well executed SEO campaigns transform businesses and make a massive contribution to a business’s growth plans. So if you’re trying to grow your business you simply can’t ignore SEO.

There are technical aspects such as page speed, server location and page structure, along with creative activities such as having amazing content that people share. But it’s much less of a black art than some would have you believe and the basics are covered in our SEO explainer.

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B2B SEO Agency FAQ

What is B2B SEO?

B2B SEO aligns your website content with the needs of your customers. By understanding this, you can create the content they are looking for when they search. When you get this right, they will find your website and organisation. If your content helps them they will feel positive about your business and consider you when looking to make a purchase.

What does an SEO agency do?

An SEO agency helps its customers find new business opportunities online. They make sure their customer's website contains the content people are looking for and they make sure the content is optimised to improve the chances of it appearing in a search engine results page or SERP.

Is SEO important for B2B?

SEO is important for B2B organisations if it's clear that the businesses customers are using search engines as part of their procurement process. Most but not all businesses will benefit from having an effective SEO strategy.

Do you need an SEO agency?

No, you do not need an SEO agency in order to create and execute an effective SEO strategy. One alternative is to train your in-house marketing team to carry out the required SEO work or recruit an SEO specialist.

How do you get SEO leads?

Generating leads from search engines using SEO is a process-driven exercise. It starts by developing an understanding of your ideal customers' search habits and once successfully executed it will generate business leads.

How can SEO grow your business?

SEO can play an effective role in your B2B growth plans by helping to ensure potential customers find your website in search. If your website matches their expectations this can lead to people making contact thus creating an opportunity to do business.

Is SEO necessary?

SEO is necessary if your organisation wants to attract potential customers from the major search engines. SEO helps to improve your web pages and increases the chances of them appearing in search results.

How much does good SEO cost?

Good SEO consultants command above-average salaries and a typical B2B SEO agency will charge in excess of £500 or $700 per day. However, the purpose of SEO is to increase search engine exposure leading to an increase in business enquiries. This means well-executed SEO is cost neutral.

Is SEO worth it for small business?

SEO is worth spending time on, especially if you are a small business. If, as a small business, you do not have the required budget to hire an SEO you can use one of the many excellent free SEO tutorials to learn SEO.

Why is SEO so expensive?

Well executed SEO takes a lot of effort and this requires a healthy budget. However, thinking of SEO as an expense is wrong as a successful SEO project will generate leads or enquiries for your business helping you to grow and prosper. Also, content that's created as part of an SEO project has the potential to deliver enquiries months and event years after it was created.

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