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Most marketers don’t know why their website isn’t performing. We take the guesswork out of the equation by providing in-depth audits and clear recommendations that help you grow your business.

Every Website Tells A Story 

Not all of them are positive. We see so many sites that are bogged down by spammy blog posts or underperforming landing pages, broken links or poorly-implemented 301 redirects. Truth is, staying on top of your web content is actually pretty hard. Especially if you’re busy being pulled in 6 different directions by the rest of your marketing team.

Free Site Audit  Yeah we know, website audits are overplayed.   But what if you could actually get a real expert to pick through your site and  tell you where you’re going wrong?  Try It Here

But staying on top of your content is key to growing your business online. Google and other search engines love to see fresh and well-optimised content. They also love to see detailed content that answers genuine questions and fulfils a real need, but when they find old blog posts with 300 words of spam content?

Well, let's just say that bad web content can do a lot of damage to your site. And then there are people’s perceptions to worry about too.

Low-Quality Content Will Kill Your Rankings And Your Leads

Studies show that approximately 40% of people will stop interacting with your brand if they think your content is unprofessional or poorly written

And who can blame them? In this day and age, when brands are constantly vying for your audience’s attention, nobody has the patience to read content that doesn’t answer a demand or provide some seriously useful information.

As inbound marketing experts with a real knack for writing good web copy, we’re ideally placed to make sure your current content isn’t ruining your site’s performance. That’s why we offer SEO content audits to clients who are trying to turn their site around.


Killer Content Collaborations With A Solids Control Expert

Working hand-in-hand with the team at Separo, we wrote and published long-form landing pages that ranked the site for search terms that drive leads.

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Make Sure You’ve Got A Solid Foundation

When we audit a site, we sift through every page; cataloguing your content according to the keywords it targets, the questions it answers, and the quality of the writing. We’re not unnecessarily harsh, but we are honest, so we’ll tell you if some of your pages are causing more harm than good.

We’ll also look at all of the minutia; things like your use of <h1> and <h2> tags, the structure of your pages, keyword density and the way you're using images. We’ll use our CRO expertise to identify issues that might be interfering with your conversion rates and take a look at the way your copy stacks up against your competitors.

Then we’ll do some gap analysis – looking for keywords that your current content doesn’t target – and come to you with a list of recommendations. 

Honest, Straight Talking & Constructive Feedback

We might suggest that you ditch some pages completely, but more often than not, we’ll be providing you with a list of pages that need to be tweaked, changed or re-written. You’ll end up with a clear picture of your site’s strengths and weaknesses, a proper overview of the issues that are holding you back, and a clear path to better growth. 

You’ll also benefit from the expertise of seasoned strategists who can help you draw up a content calendar and get creating. We normally offer SEO content audits as part of a wider engagement designed to grow your site and generate leads online, so you’ll also be accessing a wealth of strategy, SEO, CRO and PPC expertise.

Testimonial - SEO Content Audits

Caroline Merson

Head of Marketing Communications, Glacier Energy

I have used Red Evolution as a digital partner for many years now as I am always confident they will deliver. Their service delivery is excellent and they always go above and beyond with their support, creativity and account management.

Your Content Marketing Department

We’re a pretty friendly bunch, all things considered. We like to integrate with our clients’ marketing departments and work as though we’re part of their own team – building close relationships with the people that need our expertise and delivering hands-on advice that moves the dial.

To put it plainly, hiring us to audit your site means inviting a squad of crack marketers to join your team and dedicate themselves to growing your business.

Never said we were humble did we?

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