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Our professional SEO content writing services will put your business on the map. Want leads too? You’ll be pleased to hear that we also write content that clicks with your audience, builds your brand and generates plenty of business

Content That Cuts Through The Noise

There’s an ever-intensifying war for your customers’ attention. Everywhere they look, brands just like yours are begging people to check out their latest listicle, download an ebook or sign up to their mailing list.

Cutting through that wall of sound isn’t easy, but it can be done with the help of the right SEO agency and with top-notch content that’s built to outrank your competitors and leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

And let's be clear, every piece of content on your website should fulfil both of those functions. Gone are the lazy days of writing empty puff pieces to score points with Google. Gone are the days of adding an extra 2-300 words of empty noise to round out your keyword count and hit those all-important saturation metrics.

Customers can (and will) judge you based on the quality of your content. They want to know that you’ve got the expertise to answer their questions; the authority to provide trustworthy advice and the nous to write in a way that appeals to them

We specialise in writing SEO content that ticks these boxes and we’ve produced knock-out words for B2B clients in a variety of verticals -- from flashy automotive brands to solids control specialists, IT service providers and engineering firms.

Content That Tells A Story  

Good content tells a story about your brand, but honing in on that story isn’t easy. Clients often tell us that they’ve spent hours racking their brain for good ideas or weeks trying to pull together a content calendar in-house. Luckily we’re quite adept at diving into the nitty-gritty, and extracting the stories your potnetial clients want to read. 

We start every engagement with a hands-on discovery process - sitting down with key members of your team to learn the ins and outs of your business, market and target audience. We fill out our notebooks, and then we scurry back to our bolt holes and start pounding away at our keyboards.

And boy do we write. High-value killer content that’s fine-tuned to rank for the keywords your customers are using - and build real rapport with the people who land on your site.

It’s A Two Way Street 

To be clear, we carry out a lot of our own research, but we know that there’s only so much you can learn by reading other people’s content . You’re the real experts, and we’ve found that it’s always easier to produce convincing content when we’re working in lockstep with your team.


Killer Content Collaborations With A Solids Control Expert

Working hand-in-hand with the team at Separo, we wrote and published long-form landing pages that ranked the site for search terms that drive leads.

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Content That’ll Get You Found

Ultimately, the purpose of SEO content writing is to get your business found online and to convert visitors who click through to that content into customers. To that end, we work hard to ensure that all of our content is well-optimised to rank on Google, and to convert. It's what all decent SEO companies do.

We don’t believe in keyword stuffing or spam, empty fluff or cheap tricks. But we do know how to optimise and structure your content for search engines; using schema markup to highlight important information and front-loading the positive signals needed to position your content at the top of relevant search engine results pages (SERPS). 

Best of all, our SEO content writing services are always part of a wider inbound marketing strategy which means that we’ll take the time to measure your content’s performance, and adapt or improve our approach as we go.

Working like this, we’ll hone in on the messaging that resonates with your audience and start building a robust catalogue of blog posts, articles, eBooks and guides that establish you as an industry-leading authority. Not to mention ranking your site for a broad spread of relevant keywords...

Testimonial - SEO Content Writing Services

Caroline Merson

Head of Marketing Communications, Glacier Energy

I have used Red Evolution as a digital partner for many years now as I am always confident they will deliver. Their service delivery is excellent and they always go above and beyond with their support, creativity and account management.

Expertise That Always Delivers

We don't believe in hiding behind account managers or middle men. When you engage with our SEO content writing services, you’ll get a direct line to professional writers with years of hands-on experience. We'll be fully transparent about what we're writing, we'll keep you appraised of our progress every step of the way and we'll do eveything in our power to deliver killer content that moves the dial. 

You’ll also benefit from ready access to a team of marketing strategists with over 65 years of combined digital marketing experience, here to answer questions and help you grow your website. 

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