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We're a Scottish full-service digital agency with an outreach office in London. We're here to help you get more customers from search.

No fluff SEO for growing businesses. Make sure your website is getting found by the right people and generating high quality leads around the clock.

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Search Engine Marketing Agency London

Your website should generate qualified leads 24/7. If it doesn't you need a search engine marketing partner who will work with you to make sure you're getting your share of the opportunities good search rankings can deliver.

If you've realised your website is underperforming, by not appearing in Google™ search results for the search terms your ideal customers are using, we can help.

Our proven track record, along with our transparent and flexible approach, means our UK based team can deliver all your requirements including the creation of a digital marketing strategy, website analysis and improvements, competitor research, content creation and everything in between.

We can also work with your in-house team, providing only the services you need, allowing them to benefit from our experience and develop their SEO and SEM skills.  We can even train them as part of the project meaning once your site's been improved and an SEO strategy has been created you can take the ongoing delivery in-house.

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I worked with Red Evolution to develop the website for the North American branch of our business. Work was done quickly and to a high standard. Julie and Dave were always on hand to fulfil any requests and answer any questions I had, including recording video walkthroughs to help me understand the process. I'd highly recommend Red Evolution for any website work.

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Nick Purslow

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Web Build & Digital Strategy

Ambitious Scottish glamping consultancy, Glampitect, initially came to us for SEO services. When they launched new businesses in Dubai and the USA, we rebuilt the entire site in HubsSpot CMS.

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Our Services Include

Although founded in Aberdeen, Scotland we've worked hard on our own search engine optimisation as part of our growth strategy and we now have a presence in Newcastle and London.

SEO has delivered this growth for us and we're now working with organisations in London on their search marketing. London is now our main focus and we've already secured some fantastic clients and provided them with our world-class SEO services. London was calling and we answered the call.

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We’re always happy to strike up a friendly conversation - If your website isn't delivering the enquiries or leads your business needs, call us on 0208 004 7428email us or use this short form, we can help you get your share of the traffic your competitors are currently enjoying.

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Search Marketing FAQ

Q. What is the main difference between SEO and SEM?
A. The main difference between SEO and SEM is that SEO is a search marketing tactic, and SEM is the name given to the broad subject of generating traffic and enquiries online.
Q. What are benefits of SEM?
A. The main benefit of SEM is its ability to generate qualified leads or enquiries for your business 24/7.
Q. How does organic SEO work?
A. Organic SEO works by making sure your website's content is found by people who have carried out a specific search online.
Q. How do you use search engine marketing?
A. You use search engine marketing by taking a blended approach including the use of organic SEO, PPC and social media.
Q. What is paid search engine marketing?
A. Paid search engine marketing is often called Pay Per Click or PPC marketing. The concept is straightforward and involves creating adverts that are shown on Google search engine results pages. Specific search terms trigger the adverts, and advertisers pay when adverts are clicked, hence Pay Per Click.
Q. What are the two main parts of SEO?
A. The two main parts of SEO are on-page SEO or in simple terms, the way web pages are built, tagged and worded, and off-page SEO which involves promoting content, so other websites link to it and by doing that bestow authority.
Q. What is SEM strategy?
A. SEM strategy is a calculated approach to the use of tactics such as SEO, PPC and social media.
Q. What is the benefit of search engine marketing?
A. The main benefits of search engine marketing are an increase in awareness of your business and the generation of online enquiries.
Q. What is pay per click marketing?
A. Pay Per Click marketing, such as Google Ads, is the use of the tactic of paying for clicks of an advert placed on Google search engine results pages or SERPs.
Q. Is Google AdWords SEO or SEM?
A. Google Adwords or Google Ads as it is now known is an SEM tactic.
Q. Why SEM is so important?
A. SEM is so important because it generates opportunities for businesses who use it effectively.
Q. How can I improve my SEM?
A. You can improve your search engine marketing by analysing the results of the work you have done and using your findings to fine-tune your campaigns.
Q. Do Google Ads help SEO?
A. No, Google Ads do not help SEO directly. However, the data gathered from a Google Ads campaign can be utilised in your SEO work.
Q. How do you do SEO?
A. There are many excellent SEO tutorials freely available online to help you learn how to do SEO. The one provided by Moz is excellent.
Q. How do I promote my site on Google?
A. There are two ways to promote your website on Google. One is to improve your site's authority, so it appears in more search results, the other is to use Google Ads, a popular Pay Per Click or PPC tool.
Q. How much does SEO cost?
A. The cost of SEO depends on whom you pay to do it. You could hire a mid-weight expert for around £30k per annum, you could hire a good freelancer for circa £250/day, or you could hire an agency for about £500/day.
Q. What skills are required for SEO?
A. Amongst other things, the skills required for SEO include an inquisitive mind, an understanding of how web pages are built and an ability to write compelling content.
Q. How do I attract customers to my website?
A. To start the process of attracting customers to your website, you need to develop an understanding of who your customers are, the problems they need to solve, and what they search for when looking for solutions.