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On-page SEO isn’t rocket science, but it does need a practised hand. We’ve been in the SEO game for over 18 years, so we know exactly how to get your content ranking for important keywords.

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Get Found Online

On-page or on-site SEO is the nitty-gritty; the hard work that moves the dial. It certainly isn’t glamorous, but it is key to getting found online. 

At its core, on-page SEO is all about making sure that your site is sending the right signals to search engines like Google. That means writing well-optimised content that supplies a demand, and answers the questions your audience is asking. 

It also means taking care of the minutiae that helps search engines to understand and contextualise your content. We’re talking about things like properly optimised <h1> tags, sensible formatting and schema markup that highlights important data, like your FAQs or your article revision dates. 

We’re also talking about things like page load speeds, image optimisation and URL structures that help search engines navigate your content, and maximise your chances of getting found.

We do it all, which is why we’re perfectly placed to help B2B clients grow and thrive online.

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Full Service,  Full Throttle

Successful SEO campaigns require an eye for fine detail, but you don’t want to miss the wood for the trees. You need to combine technical wizardry with an overarching strategy that allows you to target and rank for high-value keywords, and that means combining:

We’re a relatively small team but we’ve got bags of experience, and we’re well-versed at building comprehensive SEO strategies that tick all of these boxes – and more besides. 

In fact, we’ve spent the last 18 years perfecting a field-proven approach to on-page SEO that’s allowed us to rank pages in every niche imaginable; from guides to picking the right Aston Martin, right through to highly-technical pages on pressure vessel design or produced water management. 

Pugsley & Lewis

Helping A Client Rank For Competitive Keywords

We've spent a lot of time helping Aston Martin specialist, Pugsley & Lewis, optimise their site for competitive search terms that have put their business on the map.

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A Proven Process

Every engagement starts with a hands-on discovery session where we’ll sit down with your team, get to know your business and define your target audience. Once that’s done, we’ll work out what your ideal customers are searching for online, and draw up a comprehensive content strategy that allows you to target them across a variety of long and short-tail keywords. 

Once you’ve signed off on our strategy, we’ll start creating fresh content for your site. This content will be written for customers; using plain English to answer their questions and generate interest in your brand, but it’ll also be optimised to rank for your target keywords – maximising your chances of attracting new visitors and generating leads. 

We can (and will) repurpose existing content that’s not performing in search too; tweaking headings, re-writing paragraphs and re-formatting your pages to ensure that they have the best possible chance of being found online

And if that wasn’t enough, our conversion rate experts will help you refine your pages to ensure that they’re as persuasive as they possibly can be. After all, there’s no point attracting tonnes of web traffic if you can’t convert it into sales.

Now this is working well and growing, we get qualified leads every week. This corresponds to many hours of traditional telephone or mail campaigns.

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UK Based Experts On Tap

There are a lot of bad actors in our industry. Agencies that’ll take your money and outsource the work to third parties in far-flung corners of the globe. Or just take your hard-earned money and send you a spreadsheet full of hastily-written meta descriptions that look like they’ve been churned out by a robot.

But we’re not those guys. We're a Scottish SEO agency with offices in Aberdeen and Edinburgh. We’ve built a reputation for putting in the hard yards, and working hard to make sure that you get found online. Our team is UK-based, we’ve got years of hands-on experience, and we take great pride in our commitment to ethical SEO that makes a difference to your bottom line. 

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