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Website Costs FAQ

Q. How much does a website cost per month?
A. The monthly cost of a website varies depending on its size and complexity. A simple website built with one of the many popular online web building services can cost as little as a few pounds per month, including a domain name and hosting.
Q. How much does a simple website cost?
A. The cost of a simple website built with one of the many excellent web-based tools such as Squarespace or Wix costs only a few pounds per month
Q. How much does a one page website cost?
A. A one-page website, complete with a domain name and hosting and built using an off the shelf template, costs only a few pounds per month.
Q. How long does it take to code a website?
A. The time it takes to code a website depends entirely on its size and complexity. A one-page site can be built in a few hours; a large website might take several months.
Q. How long does it take to build a WordPress website?
A. A simple Wordpress website, using a standard off the shelf template, can be built in a few hours.
Q. Can you build a website for free?
A. Yes, you can build a website for free if you are prepared to invest the time to learn how to do it by following one of the many excellent free online tutorials.
Q. How much does a Web designer charge per hour?
A. Web designer hourly rates vary from around £20/hour for a junior level freelancer to more than £100/hour for an experienced person working in an established agency.
Q. Are WordPress sites free?
A. Basic Wordpress websites are free. If you need more than a basic site, there are also low-cost options offering improved functionality.
Q. How long does it take to build a professional website?
A. The time it takes to build a professional website depends on the scope of work and required functionality. It’s quite common for large sites to take many months to build.
Q. How can I setup my own website?
A. You can set up your own website using tools such as Wordpress, Squarespace and Wix. These tools are simple to use and do not require any specialised technical skills.
Q. Do I need a domain for a website?
A. No, you don’t need a domain name to have a website. However, the default names used by free website builders such as Wordpress are often complicated and hard to remember.
Q. What is the difference between a domain and a website?
A. A domain name is a unique online identifier used for, amongst other things, email addresses and websites. The domain is the name of your website; the website is the collection of files used to build it.
Q. Does WordPress cost money?
A. No, Wordpress software does not cost money.
Q. Why do you need to pay for a domain name?
A. You need to pay for domain names to cover the costs incurred by the organisations who manage them.
Q. How much does it cost to hire someone to build a website?
A. The cost of hiring someone to build a website depends on your approach. Junior freelancers charge around £20/hour, agencies charge around £100/hour and you can employ a mid-level web developer for around £25k per annum.