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Help! We need a website. What will that cost?

We're kind of confused about what our new website should cost. We've seen TV adverts offering cheap sites but we don't think that's what we need. We're serious about using the web effectively and we're happy to pay for that but we just don't have a clue what kind of budget we need. Can you help?

Yeah we can help you with that.

We build websites for a range of clients, large companies and smaller ones. Our sites start at around £2k for a simple site.

That's a surprise.

So you're saying if we've got a budget of £2k you can design and build a website to our exact requirements?


We can build a simple site for that.

A £2k budget's ideal for creating a nice simple site. Once we've got a better idea of what's going to work best for your company we can firm up the costs. It's important you get the site you need.

I think we need more than a basic site.

Can you help me understand the costs involved in creating a great website? Or perhaps the next stage on from a simple site?

Of course, I'll break it down for you.

I'll talk you through what's involved.

Great, give me the low down.

In simple terms.

The cost depends on what your business needs. We're a full-service agency and we can handle every aspect of creating a fantastic website for you.

Although we can produce a simple site for around £2k most of the sites we build cost between £6k & £10k.


Six grand, that makes more sense.

We're in business ourselves, we know what things cost so £6k makes sense but could you break that down for me?

Sure thing!

We can pretty much break things down into the following activities.

  • Discovery - what does success look like? Perhaps a higher profile, more leads, higher search rankings, you get the picture. This stage is vital!
  • We'll then take a design brief, show you our ideas and work them into a design you're happy with.
  • Then there's the build, the part where the ideas become a real website.

There's also techy stuff such as hosting, backing up and pulling the whole thing together into a finished site. We can also train you to update the site yourself if you prefer.

Making sense?

OK, I'm getting it.

This is starting to make sense. Effectively the cost depends on the amount of effort you guys put into things like design, content and all the other stuff you mentioned.

Will I know how much it's going to cost before you start?

Yes, we'll work with you to figure that out.

We fully appreciate you want to know how much your new site's going to cost and we'll detail that for you before we start.

It's all about us developing an understanding of what's needed, the things that will add value to your bottom line. Your website should be an investment, not a cost.

Which sites cost more than £6k?

I'm guessing some sites cost more than £6k, why would that be?

£10k £20k and beyond!

Sites that do "stuff" cost more.

Generally costs rise when the website's functionality or design effort increases. Say for example you need a complex graphic, or perhaps your website needs to display data from a server in your office.

We're always 100% transparent about costs and explain exactly where your investment is going. Just like you'd expect from a professional firm.

Tell me about your SEO and marketing costs.

I see you guys do SEO and inbound marketing, what's that all about and how much does it cost?

That's a great question!

In simple terms inbound marketing is all about generating business leads by solving people's problems. SEO plays a big part in that as it's how we attract the right visitors to your website. You might find our lead generation calculator useful, it will help you understand how many leads you're going to need to hit your sales and growth targets.

As an inbound agency we're all over this stuff so what would you like to know?

The associated costs.

I guess I'd like to understand what this stuff costs.

How much does customer acquisition cost you now?

When you look at inbound marketing costs stone cold they can seem expensive. But what does it currently cost you to acquire new customers? Also, aren't you finding those old-school adverts are no longer very effective?

Research shows most people pretty much know what they want before they engage with potential suppliers. The majority start with a Google search and if you're not coming up when they're at this research stage you're not likely to be in their minds when they're ready to buy. That's just how it is.

Yeah, I guess that's what I do.

Yeah, I've just bought a new car and I'd made my mind up on the make and model before I looked for a supplier. Are you saying business to business buyers do the same thing?

Exactly right, it's just the same.

Business to business lead generation uses exactly the same philosophy as when you bought your new car.

You probably looked for reviews and advice first, you certainly weren't ready to talk to a sales person. You were researching, learning, filling in the gaps in your knowledge, figuring out what you needed.

OK I get it, what does it cost?

What's this going to cost me? You said it can sound expensive, what does that mean?

Like a great website, inbound is an investment.

You need to measure the cost of doing it against the cost of not doing it and take into account your existing customer acquisition costs.

First we'd need to create a strategy, a plan to get your website in front of the right people at the right time. We then need to explore what tactics will best deliver on this strategy.

The tactics might involve blogging, creating videos, infographics, it depends on where most of your customers look for information online (Google, LinkedIn, youtube etc).

The strategy could cost anything from £3k up to £5k and the most common pricing model for the delivery part is a retainer. You need to budget from £2k - £3k a month for that. Sometimes more, occasionally less. But remember, it's an investment not a one trick pony like an advert. Inbound marketing is the gift that keeps on giving.

OK, I need to process all this.

This all sounds great, but I need to process it. We do want to up our game and generate leads from our website and it sounds like that's something you can help us with. Thanks.

My pleasure!

That's great and it was my pleasure to explain website costs and inbound marketing costs. We know it's sometimes a lot to take in so take your time and come back to us with any questions. We're here to help.

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