Website & Inbound Marketing Costs Explained



What do you guys charge?

Our charges relate to our level of expertise and the time we spend working for you. No two projects are the same.

OK, let's say I've got a budget of £500 and I need a website, can you talk me through what you could do with a budget like that?

Just to give me an idea.

We're probably not the right company to build a website for you if your budget is under £2k. In fact, most of the sites we build are in the £7k to £15k price range.

I need to get my head around the kind of budget that's going to give us a website that really works for us. A website that gets found in Google, generates enquiries and really helps us stand out from the crowd.

Can you help me understand those costs?

Of course, I'll break it down for you.

In our opinion the more you understand what we do and what we charge the better, we love transparency. It's how we build the strong relationships we have with our clients.

Great, give me the low down.

We're looking for a web partner who can really take us to the next level.

That's good to hear!

First, it's important to understand that we don't simply churn out pretty websites. Some companies do, and that's fine, but we're different.

Our approach involves getting under the skin of your business so we can help you use the web more effectively. The first stage of this process is what we call a road-mapping exercise and this usually costs about £750.00.

Road-mapping? What's that all about and what does it involve?

Road-mapping is a stand alone piece of work carried out to develop an understanding of where you are, where you want to be and what it's going to take to get there.

It's essentially a strategy exercise where we combine your expertise and ours to create a solid plan of attack that ensures your business spends its web budget wisely.

That makes sense. Effectively, road-mapping helps us understand the scope of work and the expected outcomes. Once this is done will we know, before we start, what it's going to cost to implement?

It's important for us to know what we're getting into.

We fully appreciate you want to know how much your project is going to cost and we'll detail that for you before we start.

Like we said earlier, most of our projects are in the £7k to £15k price range. This covers the initial build.

If the scope of the project includes ongoing work to help you improve search rankings and lead generation then this rises. 

OK talk to me about that.

I've heard about Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, I'm not so sure about lead generation, I assume that's when our website generates enquiries? What does that cost?

This work is all about understanding your customers' needs and the problems they try and solve by searching in Google. We do this work on a monthly retained basis and the level of the retainer is dictated by you.

Our fees for this start from only £150 per month for an advisory service. However, most of our clients fall into the £2k to £3k per month price range. It depends on the market they are chasing and their in-house resources.

Tell me about the differences between the advisory service and the full service. The prices are a lot different!

That's a great question!

Getting traffic from Google is called inbound marketing. It's an exercise that requires a consistent approach involving the creation of the content your customers are looking for.

Typically this takes the form of blogs, videos, white papers, online calculators, like our lead generation calculator, and so on. It all takes time and expertise.

An advisory retainer is low-cost because you do the work, we simply make sure the work you're doing is the right thing to do. Most companies prefer to pay us to do it.

OK, so in a nutshell, the road-mapping will cost about £750, the website anything from £7k to £15k and the inbound marketing costs will depend on the resources we have in-house.

For £150/m you can help and guide us, for £2k to £3k you will do all the work. Is that right?

Yes, that's pretty much it. Of course, some websites cost a lot more than £15k and in some cases we've helped businesses with a lot less than £7k. It's always worth a chat.

In fact, we offer a FREE Inbound Marketing Review to help potential clients understand all of this in more detail. It's a FREE 30-minute session with one of our experts so you can pick our brains free of charge!

Yeah, that does make sense. It sounds like a mini road-mapping exercise for free, what's not to like!

How do I go about arranging that?

You can either fill in the form on this page or give us a call on 01224 443551 or 0208 004 7428. It's a no pressure 30-minute screen-share session. No hard sell or follow up calls, just good solid advice you can use.

That's great, thanks!

The pleasure was all mine. Hopefully, website and online marketing costs now make a lot more sense, we know it's confusing.

If you need anything else, you know where we are but in the meantime, you can use our calculator below to get some ideas on what your project might cost.

Try Our Quote Calculator

Move the sliders depending on your needs. If you're not sure have a guess, it's only an estimate!
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