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Are Your Potential Customers Finding You On Google?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO has one purpose and that is to make sure your ideal customers find your website when searching for solutions to their problems and requirements. We'll make sure your website generates business opportunities from Google™ search.

Growth Focussed Search Marketing Specialists

If you're based in Aberdeen and looking for help with search engine optimisation it's probably because you've come to the realisation that your website isn't generating any business. It's not getting traffic from Google or Bing and you're wondering why you spent all that money creating it.

If this is you it's unlikely your site was built with search traffic in mind, perhaps your website project concentrated on the design, it's quite common. So you've got a website, it looks good but it's not adding any value to your business.


The good news is that in most cases, websites can be adjusted and improved so they get found, you don't have to go through the pain of yet another website development project. There are exceptions to this but it's rare.

A programme of work focused on optimising your site, so your ideal customers find it will provide a guaranteed return on investment. The timescales will depend on your available budget, your market and the strength of your competitors' websites.

Now you've searched using the phrase SEO Aberdeen and found us the easiest way to start that process of turning your website into a lead generation asset is to request a FREE audit.

Free Site Audit  Yeah we know, website audits are overplayed.   But what if you could actually get a real expert to pick through your site and  tell you where you’re going wrong?  Try It Here

It's Not All About Getting Found Online

Is your website appearing in search results? Is your website converting visitors into clients? Is your website adding value to your business? If the answer's no or don't know, you will benefit from the services of an SEO company. But it's not just about improving search rankings, in fact better rankings alone seldom deliver improved business results.


We've got a track record of helping companies like yours turn their websites into lead generation or business development tools. We do this using a combination of improving the number of visitors your website attracts, the right kind of visitors, and the information they find when they land on your site.

Telling the right story to the people who find your website is just as important as making sure they find you in the first place. This work, the process of turning viasityors into customers is often called conversion rate optimisation or CRO - we know, another bloody acronym!

How We Improve SEO

Our search success strategy is all about removing any technical barriers and making sure your website's got the content your customers are looking for. The work we do involves research, content creation, data analysis and conversion experiments. It's a constantly evolving picture drawing on services from across our offering including:

We start the process with a free Discovery session where you tell us about your business, markets and goals. It's critical that we do this to make sure we're the right team to help you and your requirements are achievable. We'd never take on a project if we didn't believe we could secure the right outcome.


We want to make sure everybody involved in your SEO project knows what needs to be done, why it needs to be done and what the outcome is expected to be. The discovery session is also a great opportunity for you to ask us lots of questions about SEO and search-based business growth.

Using The Right Tools

To make sure the work we do has the maximum impact we'll review the technology you're using and make recommendations for improving it. That doesn't mean we'll need to redevelop your website, although we might, it simply means we'll show you tools that will amplify the work we do and make managing the leads we generate for you easy. Our tool of choice is Hubspot, a tool we've been using ourselves since 2015.

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A Full-Service Aberdeen SEO Agency

We help Aberdeen-based companies with their internet marketing strategy, and we can help you with yours. We've been around since 2003 and we've got a global client base of long-standing customers. From a relationship that perhaps starts with typing SEO Aberdeen into Google we'll become your trusted digital guides, a team who can make sure your organisation grows by being found online.

As a full-service Aberdeen-based digital agency we offer a comprehensive range of web-related services which means we've got deep knowledge of everything from lines of code through to creating an online marketing strategy to increase sales. We'll make your website work harder for your business. We're big enough to get the job done and small enough to care about every client. We'll treat your business like it was ours.

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