Search Engine Positioning Services For Business Growth

By creating the right search engine positioning strategy we'll put your website in front of your ideal customers.

If your website isn't generating enquiries and improving your bottom line, help is at hand. Our search engine positioning services, delivered by a UK-based team of experts, will transform your website into a valuable business asset that attracts customers.

We'll start by analysing your current positions, establish the best growth opportunities then create and execute the right positioning strategy. We help businesses like yours find new customers online; if that's what you're looking for, let's arrange a chat.

Looking For Search Engine Positioning Services?

You want people, or more accurately, potential customers, to find your website in Google™. Also, you're probably aware that SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the term used to describe the work that will make that happen.

The chances are you're probably reading this page because you were actively looking for an organisation to provide search engine positioning services, a search marketing specialist, and that means you're already streets ahead of most of your competitors. So what does creating this strategy and delivering these services involve?

At its heart, a search engine positioning strategy involves understanding your potential customers and their day-to-day challenges, so you can ensure they find you when looking for solutions. It's a simple concept but requires a highly strategic approach, which looks like this.

  • Establish what your ideal or potential customer is typing into Google™, the ideal target keyword or keywords
  • Find your competitors, the organisations currently being found when your potential customers search
  • Figure out why your competitors are succeeding
  • Decide on a course of action that will promote your company's web pages to the top and provide the right user experience
  • Review, revise and repeat

Each item in the list above requires a significant effort, and the fourth item, deciding on a course of action, requires the most. Search engine placement is hard-won but worth the effort. So getting the course of action, right is the most challenging aspect of this work, which is why many positioning projects fail. Our process significantly reduces any likelihood of your search engine positioning strategy failing, and here's why.

Before we start a paid engagement with a new customer, we invest some of our time in a Discovery Session. This is a three to four-hour face-to-face or over Zoom session where we work with our potential clients to review their current position, market, what they want to achieve and, importantly, a reasonable budget.

This means everybody understands the work required to effect positive change before any commercial work starts. By using this approach, we create a positioning strategy that's guaranteed to make a positive impact. Alternatively, we establish that the battle the client was about to engage in would be too challenging, and we look for alternatives. Importantly, we avoid wasted time, effort and valuable resources.

Search Engine Success By Design

It's frustrating when you see your competitors appearing above you in Google™ search results. The thing is, websites rarely appear at the top of the search engine results pages by accident. More often than not the rankings are secured because of a strategic and concerted effort to understand the needs of potential customers and their search habits.

This episode of our podcast, where we spoke with Marcus Sheridan the author of the excellent book They Ask, You Answer, goes into more detail about understanding the needs of your customer. It's well worth giving it a listen.


A Methodical & Strategic Approach Works Every Time

A strategy first and methodical approach to search engine website positioning is always effective. This is because every day your ideal customers are looking for the products and services you provide, it's a relentless, ongoing and never-ending supply of opportunities. More or less every search they carry out results in a visit to a website, all we need to do is make sure they find yours.

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How We Find Opportunities

You might be surprised to learn that you're probably already sitting on some valuable data about what your customers are looking for. If you're not already looking at the data in the Google Search Console, we'll connect everything up and start there. It's often the only tool required to improve your website and create higher rankings. The search console provides lots of valuable insights into your organic search results and organic traffic, including the opportunities you're missing.

Of course, we'll also get stuck into your internal link structure, meta descriptions, on page SEO and a whole host of activities that we'll explain but won't bore you with.

We'll also review your site's authority or ability to rank. In effect, how much Google and the other search engines trust it. That will dictate how much ethical link building we'll need to do. We explain the concept of link building and why links are important in our off-page SEO services page.

Next Steps

We understand the world of search marketing can seem a little daunting. Perhaps you're concerned we'll try and baffle you with acronyms, but we won't. Maybe you're unsure about the level of budget you'll need; we'll explain that. Maybe you're reluctant to face that your competitors are stealing a lead on you, and it's time to act. Or maybe you've been down the search marketing road before, and it didn't end well - we've heard all the horror stories.

Wherever you are, a no-pressure, no-obligation chat with us will put you in a much better position. Even if we're not the right agency to help you, we'll give you plenty of great advice to help smooth out your search engine positioning journey.

If you think we might be the search team your business needs, we'd love to hear from you.

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