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Do you need ongoing strategic, technical, and creative help with your website? Businesses around the world rely on us to ensure their websites help them grow.

We're a UK-based team of web professionals covering all aspects of website management. We turn websites into business assets that generate enquiries, providing everything from technical problem-solving to content creation and search marketing. We've been providing website management services since 2003.

Website Management

Some Of The Fantastic Organisations That We Work With

A Website Management Agency, Businesses Trust

Businesses like yours trust Red Evolution to manage their websites. If you're looking for a best-in-class service, we'll connect you with some of our clients so they can tell you why we're their trusted web partners.

We Get It

Your website is an important part of your business and should always run smoothly. We're guessing the reason you're looking at this page is that your website is causing you headaches.

If you fill in the form below, this is what will happen:

  • We'll arrange a time to discuss the problems you're having with your website.
  • We'll use the information you've shared to create a strategy that solves these problems.
  • We'll provide a fixed cost for fixing and maintaining your website.

Our retention rate with website management clients is close to 100% because we always deliver a fantastic service and we're happy for you to contact any of our clients before engaging with us. It all starts with a no-pressure chat.

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Seriously Good Website Management Services

Our obsessive website management services are trusted by businesses large and small in the UK, Europe and the USA. We look after large organisations with 3000 employees and micro-businesses with only 3. Starting as a humble web design specialist, we're now trusted to manage websites by organisations across the globe.

No matter what your size or location, we can help, and we encourage you to chat with some of our existing customers before hiring us to give you absolute peace of mind.

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It's All About You 

Your website can become an expensive distraction if you're busy running a successful business. Perhaps you're worried the software's not up to date; perhaps you have no idea if it's backed up, or maybe even the most trivial changes seem to take forever. You need a business class, reliable website support company with over 20 years of experience to keep things running smoothly month to month.

Or perhaps your website design is now dated, and you're looking for an upgrade and a team of experts who can transform your old site into one that works better for your organisation. A website that creates a great user experience and helps you to grow your organisation.

Then there's the page that's just disappeared, the form that doesn't work, and everyone tells you how slow it is. But it doesn't have to be like that. We're a Scottish digital agency, and website management company businesses rely on worldwide.

We provide tailored and flexible website management services for businesses who need a fast reliable website that plays its part in their growth and success.

We cover every aspect of managing a website from technical work, hosting and backups to digital marketing and lead generation. That's why we create tailored packages based on your needs.

HubSpot Partners

Long Established & ISO Certified 

We've been around since 2003.

We're ISO 9001:2015 Certified, we're Google Partners, Hubspot Partners, WordPress & Joomla CMS experts and we're plain-talking people who take ownership of and solve problems.

In simple terms, we're a safe pair of hands and a website management agency with a track record of rescuing bad situations and putting business websites back onto an even keel. We provide a managed website service that's second to none and trusted by the businesses we work with.

Insanely Good Expertise On Tap

Our customers love our website management services because they've got a trusted team of web experts on tap. No call centres, nobody in the middle just direct access to our experienced, friendly experts.

Just like having an accountant keeps your finances in order, or a managed IT provider who looks after your PC's, a website management team is a valuable professional service that will keep your website working hard for your business.

Ridiculously Flexible

We customise our website management services so you get exactly what you need. Just need tech help? No problem. Need your website to get found on Google™ so it generates enquiries? Perfect. Need a full digital team? Meet the gang.

Many of our customers start working with us because their website needs some technical fixes and general TLC then when they see how cost-effective we are they ask us to look at other aspects of their website such as SEO, content marketing and often their overall digital strategy.


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Website In Safe Hands

Put Your Website In Safe Hands

If your website is important to your business but it's keeping you awake at night and underperforming, our website management service is what you need. With full access to our team of web and marketing experts, you'll be able to concentrate on running your business knowing your website's in safe hands.

We're happy to discuss supporting you whatever platform you use but we're particularly slick operators with WordPress, Joomla, Shopify and Hubspot™.

It Starts With An Informal Chat

Like most great relationships finding the right website management team for your business starts with a no-obligation chat. A chat will quickly establish if we're the right team for you and give you an opportunity to ask questions about how having a managed website makes business sense.

Your Website Is An Important Asset That Needs Protecting

Keeping your website secure and available to your customers is important. Specialising in WordPress™ and Joomla™ website maintenance we're a company you can rely on to make sure your website is being taken care of 24/7. Businesses like yours depend on us to look after their website and for one affordable monthly fee we'll carry out all required technical maintenance, backups and monitoring along with any minor modifications to your content.

Website Coding

Included In Our Website Maintenance Service

Your website's performance and reliability is our main priority. To deliver that, our basic website maintenance service includes the following.

  • Access to our expertise.
  • Software updates to keep your site secure.
  • Backups are scheduled to suit your requirements.
  • 24/7 Uptime monitoring to keep your site available to your customers.
  • Minor content updates. 

If you prefer your site to be hosted within your own infrastructure, that's fine by us but we're happy to provide that at no extra cost.

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Peace Of Mind And Access To Our Expertise

Businesses like yours who use our website maintenance services choose us because we're a small specialist agency and not a mass-market pile 'em high sell 'em cheap type organisation.

We're accessible and always available on the end of a phone, email or LiveChat. If we become your website guys you'll know we're always working, often unseen, to keep your important web presence secure and available to your customers.

Website Management Team

Website Management Makes Business Sense

Most businesses have a team of accountants to run their finances, IT people to manage their tech and HR to manage their people. At the same time, they trust the management of their website to Brian from Procurement who once built a website for his son's football team.

Is that you?

Website Management Skills

What Does A Website Management Company Do?

Website management involves managing the tech your site's built with, the infrastructure it sits on and the content visitors look at when they visit. The range of skills required to do this include design, development, copywriting, videography, marketing and server management. Expecting Brian from Procurement to do all this is daft.

SEO Services

Need More Than Basic Website Maintenance?

If you're looking for more than basic website maintenance we've got you covered. We help businesses like yours thrive online by turning their website into a business asset that gets found by the right people in Google™ search and social media, This results in a steady flow of qualified leads or enquiries.

Your website will benefit from our best in class search engine optimisation or SEO and digital marketing services. This work will guarantee your website will be found online by your ideal customers and become a key asset in your business growth plans.

Managed Website

How Will A Managed Website Help My Business?

A website management company can either provide all the services required to run a successful website or only those that can't be managed by you in-house. For example, some businesses have their own marketing team for content or perhaps their IT team take care of the tech.

We prefer to provide a fully managed website service in the same way our client Alto provide a managed IT service. In other words, we manage your website, or in Alto's case your IT, while you run your business.

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Your Website is A Powerful Business Growth Tool

When people need to buy what you sell they search in Google™ or ask people they know for recommendations. Either way, it's likely they're going to look at your website. Does your website do a great job of converting these visitors into customers? A managed website will.

If your website isn't adding value to your business a great place to start is a website audit.

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Find Out If We Can Help You

A quick chat will establish if we can help you and manage your website. It's also an opportunity to ask us questions and tell us about the website problems you've been having.

Of course, if you decide you do want us to become your website management company we'll suggest a chat with some of our existing clients first so you'll know you've made the right choice.

Would You Like To Discuss Your Requirements?

You'll find our plain English approach refreshing, so please use this form to tell us about your project, and we'll contact you to arrange a convenient time to discuss it.

If you'd prefer to book a meeting right now, at a time that suits you, you can do that here.

We won't share your information or use it for any purpose other than to contact you to discuss your requirements.

Website Management FAQ

Q. What is website management?

Website management involves many activities including software updates, data backup, website hosting and content updates.

It might also include SEO work, software development, content development, visitor analysis and much more.

Most businesses should actively manage their website to get the best business benefit from it.

Q. What are website management services?

Website management services include strategy, web design, content planning and SEO, and technical aspects such as hosting, backups and software updates. Most website management service companies tailor a package to meet each client's specific needs.

Businesses often outsource website management instead of building an in-house team of experts.

Q. What does a website manager do?

A website manager is responsible for making sure a website delivers what it was designed to provide.

This might be a technical solution such as a banking website or a lead generation website used to help with business growth.

Q. What is a CMS on a website?

CMS stands for Content Management System. It's software that helps people with no coding expertise run and manage a website.

Examples of popular content management systems are Wordpress, Joomla and Craft.

Q. How much does a website manager cost?
A. A full-time website manager in the UK would command a salary of around £30k to £40k.
Q. How much does website maintenance cost per month?
A. Web management agencies generally charge a monthly fee based on the likely requirements. Low-end services start at around £50/month rising to several thousand pounds for more demanding requirements.
Q. What is CMS software?
A. CMS or Content Management Software helps non-technical website managers and editors run and manage a website without the need for any technical expertise.
Q. What is maintenance of a website?
A. Maintenance of a website involves many things, including keeping the website software updated and secure. It also includes creating copies or backups of the site to safeguard against loss.
Q. What is the average monthly cost for a website?

Monthly costs for a website depend on the size and complexity of the website.

Some costs, such as website hosting are fixed while other costs such as adding content, vary depending on the amount of content required.

Q. Does it cost money to run a website?
A. Yes. At a minimum, websites require hosting on a server that's permanently connected to the internet. This creates a cost.
Q. Do websites need maintenance?
A. Generally, yes. Most websites are built using a CMS or content management system. This needs to be periodically updated and backed up.
Q. Can I ask you a question?
A. Use the FAQ section of your site to answer those routine questions that always come up and need to be answered. This is a great way to tell us more about what you can offer, fill in some details that might intrigue us, and show us how knowledgeable and helpful you can be.
Q. Why is maintaining your website important?

A website can be a valuable asset for a business or organisation, and a lack of maintenance could result in the site being lost.

As a website is often the first place a person looks when they need information about an organisation, keeping the site maintained is very important.

Q. Can I ask you a question?
A. Use the FAQ section of your site to answer those routine questions that always come up and need to be answered. This is a great way to tell us more about what you can offer, fill in some details that might intrigue us, and show us how knowledgeable and helpful you can be.
Q. What does website maintenance include?
A. Website maintenance usual includes hosting, software updates and backups. It can also include content updates and SEO.
Q. Can I ask you a question?
A. Use the FAQ section of your site to answer those routine questions that always come up and need to be answered. This is a great way to tell us more about what you can offer, fill in some details that might intrigue us, and show us how knowledgeable and helpful you can be.
Q. What does website maintenance mean?
A. Website maintenance means any work that's carried out to ensure a website remains fit for purpose.