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Are Your Ideal Customers Finding Your Website?

If you're a B2B organisation, your website has the potential to help you grow your business. Every day, people who need the products or services you offer turn to search engines looking for solutions. If those people don't find your website, they will find your competitors' websites.

Businesses like yours rely on us to create websites that perform in search and turn visitors into potential customers.

Our services cover everything required to build your website and world-class website management to ensure it's reliable and delivers what you need. Starting with the right strategy, design, technical build, content creation, and search engine marketing, our process-driven approach guarantees your online success.

If your website doesn't generate enquiries, we've got 20 years of expertise that will change the way your business uses the web.


HubSpot CMS Web Build & Digital Strategy

When Glampitect prepared to launch new businesses in Dubai and the USA, they asked us for advice. We took the opportunity to redesign and rebuild the entire website in HubSpot CMS, giving them a fresh, new, multi-country website, created to generate leads.

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The Website Your Business Needs

Web projects can be confusing and they have a reputation for being time-consuming. But if you distil down its purpose, it's simple.

The website your B2B organisation needs is one that gets found by your ideal customers and encourages them to make contact. Success depends on the design, messaging and content. The design should instil confidence in your brand and make you look credible, the messaging should tell a compelling story that builds on the design and the content makes sure your site gets found in the first place.

With these three things in place, a potential customer will type a search into Google, see you in the search results, click through to your site, like what they see and get in touch. It's a simple concept and something a B2B web design agency like us understands, not least because it's how we generate most of our own business opportunities. Here's what's involved in the five key ingredients.

A Design That Reassures And Builds Confidence

The main purpose of the design of your B2B website is to build confidence. It needs to make people feel that you're a credible organisation, a business they want to engage with.

The design needs to impress whilst staying out of the way. As Steve Krug's seminal book "Don't Make Me Think" spelt out so eloquently back in 2000.

Design is important and plays a key role in your website's success, especially when combined with the right message or story.


Tell A Compelling Story

You might think simply telling people what you do is enough to interest them and encourage them to engage in a conversation, but that's rarely the case. Humans revel in storytelling and stories play a key role in our everyday lives. If you want some proof grab a copy of Storybrand by Donald Miller.

Telling people a story about how you solve their business challenges is way more compelling than telling them what you do. Here's a simple storytelling example for a fictitious firm of accountants called Robb & Steel.  Which one is a more compelling message?

"Certified Accounts For All Your Business Accounting Needs"

"Giving You The Financial Support Your Business Needs To Flourish And Grow"

The first example is OK, but it simply tells potential customers what they do. The second tells a different kind of story, it makes it clear Robb & Steel will take care of the financial aspects of a business leaving the owners to get on with growing and flourishing. Messaging matters and getting it right is as important as the design that presents it. Strong messaging combined with great design and fantastic content works every time.

Creating Website Content

Add Creative Content

Any credible B2B web design agency understands the power of content. In fact, content is in many respects the single most important aspect of a web design project, which might seem counter-intuitive, so we'll explain.

When your potential customers recognise they need help to solve a specific business challenge they turn to, amongst other things, Google. They then type questions into Google, and if you want those people to find your website then your content should answer these questions. Doing this is a proven methodology for securing new customers and is the first link in the chain of events that leads to an enquiry.

Too often B2B organisations focus on the look and feel of their website, the design, and pay little more than lip service to their content. This is often because creating killer content is hard, unless you're a B2B web design agency, for us, it's our bread and butter, it's what we excel at.

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Your Website Is An Ongoing Endeavour

Your website can play a strategic role in your business development or business growth plans. By understanding who your ideal customers are and the problems they are trying to solve, you can create your website around the solutions to those problems that you provide, so your business is found online by the people you want to talk to.

The design or look and feel is an important piece of the jigsaw but success depends on so much more. That's why choosing to work with a B2B web design agency like us makes sense, we understand the whole process of creating a website that generates enquiries, and it's an ongoing process.

Any web design agency can create a great-looking website but agencies who specialise in business-to-business sites are different. They understand the need to create a tangible return on the investment made along with the required knowledge to choose the right systems and processes.

If you run a business-to-business organisation choosing a web partner specialising in B2B web design is the smart choice and an affordable digital marketing monthly retainer will deliver the ongoing effort required to succeed.

HubSpot Website Development

All Built On The Right Technology

Although the technology you use won't on its own help your site perform better in search, it will make a significant difference in the way you manage and progress the enquiries your new website generates. With the right tech stack including a suitable website content management system or CMS and customer relationship management system or CRM you'll be able to make sure you maximize all the new opportunities your new website creates.

We're big fans of HubSpot which combines a tool for building your website with a world-class CRM and email marketing tools. We've written a great blog post that explains HubSpot and its benefits.

If your organisation already successfully uses a CRM, we'll integrate it with your new website so all your new enquiries are easy to manage. Most if not all modern CRM's have easy integration methods and if that's not the case, we've got the skills to make it happen no matter what.

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B2B Web Design FAQ

Q. What is a B2B website?
A. A B2B website is a site built to help a business attract enquiries from people in another business, people looking for business services or products. There are similarities between B2B websites and B2C or business to consumer websites. The main difference is B2B websites often need to satisfy the needs of different stakeholders. 
Q. What should a B2B website have?
A. A B2B website should have both information about products and services along with proof of expertise. It's not enough to simply list what you offer. You need thought leadership content, case studies and other social proof that shows you're organisation has the required expertise to provide what you say you can provide.
Q. How do I create a B2B website?
A. To create a B2B website you must start by understanding the needs of your ideal customers. Establish the problems they are trying to solve when searching on Google and create a content marketing plan to make sure your site features in Google™ search results.
Q. What is an example of B2B?
A. An example of a B2B company is an industrial services company. Consumers of their services are other businesses and not individual consumers.
Q. How can graphic design help your business?
A. Graphic design helps businesses by effectively communicating their offer. Good design is almost invisible but it helps to make people feel positive about the business it's representing.
Q. Is graphic design a dying career?
A. No, graphic design is not a dying career. Good graphic design is a powerful business growth tool as it helps to ensure people feel positively disposed towards your organisation. Good graphic design pays for itself many times over.
Q. What makes a good B2B website?
A. A good B2B website is a site that gets found by potential customers on Google, encouraging them to make contact leading to an opportunity to do business.
Q. What is a B2B strategy?
A. A B2B strategy identifies an opportunity and executes the required work to benefit from it. With a website, a good strategy is to make sure people find your website when searching in Google™ for solutions to problems.
Q. How do I find B2B customers?
A. A great way to find B2B customers is to make sure you are visible online in either organic or paid search. Doing this guarantees your business will receive enquiries from potential customers.