In A Nutshell

I’m Alex, a writer turned digital strategist and CRO evangelist. You’ll usually find me buried in a book about user-friendly design, testing a new landing page or tinkering with a wireframe.


I’ve got a degree in English literature, but I’ve spent the last 10 years in digital marketing. I started out as a copywriter, transitioned to digital strategy and quickly realized that CRO was my real passion.

I love a good puzzle, and I live to find data-driven solutions to the problems that plague so many websites.

Maybe that sounds a bit intense for an “about us” but it is true, and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be happy or satisfied if I didn’t get to spend my time finding new and exciting ways to drive conversions, improve user flow or pique people’s interest.

Alexander Bussey - Outdoors


BA(Hons) English Literature from the University of Leeds

When I’m not at work

When I manage to tear myself away from my laptop, I like to spend my time doing all the usual outdoorsy stuff: Hill walking, sailing, and a bit of kayaking when the weather’s nice.

I love to cook (mainly Korean, Thai or Indian food these days) and I’m probably at my happiest when I’m reading a good book. Preferably science fiction or horror.

Alexander Bussey - Waterfall

The Five Questions

  • Favourite film?
    The Prestige. Or A Knight’s Tale. depends on my mood.
  • Favourite band?
    That’s a tough one! Van Halen or ZZ Top at the moment, but you’ll get a different answer if you ask me tomorrow.
  • Perfect meal?
    My Partner’s Panang curry (she wasn’t watching when I wrote this, honestly)
  • Pets?
    A rabbit called Luna.
  • Happiest when?
    Swimming in the sea, or sitting under a tree, in the sun, reading a good book.

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