HubSpot Re-Implementation Specialists

If your HubSpot portal has become confusing and hard to use, we can fix it.

If your HubSpot portal has become hard to use and you're not getting the value from it you'd hoped for then a re-implementation will get you back on track. We'll make sure your HubSpot investment helps you grow your business.

HubSpot™ Portal Need Knocking Into Shape?

HubSpot™ is a fantastic platform for business growth, and we explain HubSpot here, but if you're reading this, it's likely, you've already made a significant investment in it. But where HubSpot is concerned, it's widespread for initial enthusiasm to turn to despair as your portal becomes confusing, under-utilised and ignored by sales and marketing alike. We know this because we've been there ourselves.

Although we're HubSpot partners and have been using the platform since 2015, we neglected it for a while and considered ditching it. We're glad we didn't!

A professional HubSpot re-implementation will help you rediscover the platform's power and use it as a key part of your growth ambitions. With the right implementation, HubSpot will help you create enquiries and nurture deals through all the required phases. Depending on your level of HubSpot subscription, we'll help you create order from chaos and discover how HubSpot provides all the key tools required to help you achieve your business goals.

HubSpot Re-Implementation Partners

Unless you already have in-house expertise, perhaps you hired a new marketing manager with HubSpot knowledge for example, to get the most from HubSpot you're going to benefit from working with a HubSpot partner agency. This is even more relevant if you're an organisation that has struggled to get the value from the system you'd hoped for.

A HubSpot re-implementation partner provides a very different service from the HubSpot onboarding service you bought, especially if you bought your HubSpot onboarding from HubSpot themselves. Where basic HubSpot onboarding showed you how to use the software, a re-implementation will go way deeper and make sure your implementation is truly fit for purpose and tailored to your specific needs.

Investing in a HubSpot re-implementation will positively impact the way you use your CRM, marketing automation, website, reporting and every other aspect of the HubSpot ecosystem you're currently paying for. It's an investment that will pay dividends.

You Might Need To Ditch HubSpot

We'll start the process of HubSpot re-implementation with a free no-obligation HubSpot Audit. The outcome of this might be that we advise you to ditch HubSpot. This is rare although we have uncovered situations where organisations are paying way more for their portal than they need to. For example, it's common for additional Sales licences to be unassigned or the number of marketing contacts to be way over what's needed.

As part of the work we do, we'll make sure you're only buying what you need and, importantly, you're fully using what you're paying for. We'll make sure you no longer think of HubSpot as a cost.

Why Talk To Red Evolution About HubSpot?

We're HubSpot partners and we've been using HubSpot since 2015. HubSpot is at the core of our own business growth activities and aside from helping businesses like yours get the most from it, we use it every day ourselves. We've even recorded an episode of our popular digital marketing podcast dedicated to answering the question, what the hell is HubSpot.

As a B2B web design agency we've seen first-hand how using HubSpot correctly magnifies all the effort that goes into successful digital marketing. We cover everything from data import, 3rd party integrations, landing page design, content creation, SEO, reporting and everything in between. If you're in HubSpot hell, we can help.

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What Happens Next?

Once you've made contact and we've arranged a time for a chat, we'll discuss your HubSpot roadblocks and how we can fix them.

HubSpot Re-Implementation FAQ

Why do a HubSpot re-implementation?

It's common for organisations' HubSpot portals to become confusing and difficult to navigate. This leads to the system becoming less useful and often forces sales and marketing staff to revert to their own methods such as spreadsheets and notebooks. Carrying out re-implementation purges out-of-date information and introduces processes that will ensure an organisation gets full value from their software investment.

What causes HubSpot to become unusable?

Getting to the point where a re-implementation of your HubSpot platform is required has many causes. Commonly, initial enthusiasm for the platform means people don't establish and follow processes resulting in a lack of order. Also, if a company's HubSpot champion leaves the organisation the portal is often left unmanaged and becomes irrelevant.

What do HubSpot re-implementation specialists do?

A HubSpot re-implementation specialist will review your current use of the system and work with you to create the right processes to ensure you use HubSpot in a way that fits with your organisation and customers. They will review your subscriptions to make sure you're not overpaying and help with any 3rd party integrations that will further streamline your operations.

What will it cost to re-implement HubSpot?

HubSpot onboarding costs on average £2k to £3k. Re-implementation is likely to cost more as it will involve unravelling existing issues before putting in place the required workflows that will avoid problems in the future.

Do I need HubSpot at all?

In some cases, a HubSpot re-implementation specialist will conclude that HubSpot is not a good fit for your organisation. If this is the case they will help you extract all the data you have in HubSpot prior to shutting down your portal.

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