Professional Podcast Production Services

Grow Your Audience, Build A Brand & Generate More Leads For Your Business

Professional podcast production gives your organisation a voice and helps you reach a whole new audience. Got something to say? We’ll help you plan, write, record and polish your very own podcast.

Move With The Times

Content is still king, but the way people consume their content? That’s changing fast. Modern audiences want engaging stories that they can access on the move. Informative soundbites that expose them to new ideas while they’re out for a run or commuting to work. Here's our own Digital Marketing From The Coalface podcast.

Research shows that 20% of people now listen to Podcasts on a weekly basis (source: HubSpot). That means more people listen to podcasts than currently hold Netflix accounts and if you drill down to the demographic data? Well, let’s just say that a study published by American firm Edison Research recently found that :

  • 45% of listeners have a household income of £50k+
  • 51% of podcast listeners have a full time job or own a company
  • 85% of listeners have attended college

(Source: Convince & Convert)

In short, podcasting may be the perfect way to reach your target audience – and generate more leads for your business.

Give Your Brand A Voice

Itching to grab a microphone and start recording your first podcast? Great. That’s well within your reach. But it’s important to work out what you want to say before you hit the big red button.

Ultimately, your podcast will only be successful if it provides real value to your target audience. People don’t listen to podcasts because they want to hear a business pitch. They listen because they want to learn new things or find solutions to their business problems.

If you’re not answering their questions or telling stories that engage, educate or entertain, your podcast will join the millions of failed projects languishing at the bottom of Audible’s back catalogue.

Podcast Microphone

Not sure what your audience wants to hear? That’s where we come in. We’ll help you profile your ideal listener, and dig deep to find the stories they want to hear. These might be personal anecdotes from your CEO, tutorial-type content or a blow-by-blow account of your latest project. 

It might be as simple as recording your subject matter experts chatting about the latest developments in your vertical or asking key personalities to talk about how they got into your industry. The point is, every brand has a story to tell and we’re a dab hand at helping you tell it. 

Every engagement starts with a detailed discovery session that’ll give you a solid list of episode ideas, and a long-term strategy for podcasting success.

We can also help you script and record each episode using best-in-class equipment that guarantees a professional finish – as well as editing and polishing your recordings so they can be promoted on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Audible, Spotify or Stitcher. 

Got Something To Say?

We’re the people to help you do it. Our team has a real knack for creating content that resonates with your ideal customer, and we’re perfectly placed to help you plan and write episodes that tell a cohesive story about your brand.

We’ve also got the equipment, software and expertise needed to write, record and produce professional podcasts so if you’re keen to grab the 21st century by the scruff of the neck and start recording some engaging content, we’re standing by to help out.

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