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Creating The Right Impression

Your brand is more than your logo, preferred font and agreed colour palette, but that aspect is still essential.

To help your business thrive online, we need to make sure you make the right first impression. While we agree with the branding gurus who say your brand is how you make people feel - or what people say about you when you’re not in the room - the graphical representation of your brand matters a lot.

Ultimately, the best digital strategy in the world, the one that puts your business and offers in front of the right people at the right time, won’t deliver value to your bottom line if people land on your website and dismiss you because of how it looks.

Now, is that unfair? Yeah, it is but is it the reality? Yeah, it definitely is.

Create Or Evolve?

If you’ve grown your business without thinking about or investing in your brand, well done. But to take things further, it makes sense to review this.

Equally, if you’ve outgrown your current brand, it may be time to evolve it. That’s what we did when we changed from Scotweb into Red Evolution. Scotweb’s logo, a red square, evolved. The red square evolved; Red Evolution was born.


Rebranding A Leading Solids Control Expert

We helped Separo - formerly Solids Control Services - to develop a brand-new brand identity that allowed them to tap into new markets and win valuable contracts.

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Your Brand Is In The Detail

Branding is a mysterious art form, probably, and brands usually develop over time. A quick Google of some of today’s iconic brands is like looking at photos of your teenage self. Sure, you thought you looked cool at the time, but you definitely wouldn't leave the house like that today.

As the visual representation of a brand develops, the changes are often subtle and almost hidden in the detail.

Your primary logo might need to change, it might be a set of icons covering your key services or products that has to be developed or a different combination of colours that is being adopted. Any or all of these things will affect the way you get perceived by your potential customers.

Testimonial - Branding

Andrew Crutchley

COO, Separo

Our business had evolved and we needed a new name, brand and website to reflect the changes. Red Evolution worked closely with us, advising and guiding us every step of the way, resulting in a powerful identity and online presence that are exactly what we need to move forward.

Unobtrusive Design

Sometimes your graphical brand needs to be invisible. It needs to give people a feeling without them realising it. It needs to sit next to your website content, keep quiet, stay out of the way and let your words, videos and images draw people into your world.

If it does this, it’s working.

If your brand reassures without interfering, if it encourages engagement without distracting, if it plays second fiddle without so much as even a momentary “look at me”, it’s succeeding.

Your Business, Your Brand, Our Expertise

Our clients care about their businesses, and so do we. So we’ll develop a brand that fits who you are now and helps you get to where you want to be by working closely with you and listening.

We’ll develop a unique look and feel that plays a pivotal role in your future success. We’ll create or evolve the brand identity you need to move your business forward.

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