In A Nutshell

I'm Caron, and my specialist area is inbound marketing in particular, search optimisation and content.


Prior to Red Evolution (I’ve been here since 2004), I spent my career working in many industries including oil and gas, engineering and architecture.

When I left school I worked at the Joint Headquarters of the British Army Of the Rhine as it was then. It perpetually intrigued me that we had the technology to destroy the planet, but I still had to type everything on an electric typewriter, in triplicate, using carbon paper!

I've lived and worked in Hong Kong, Germany and the USA. For 4 years I worked at the now infamous Enron Corp in Houston, Texas. Although Enron rightly earned its bad reputation, I had a great time and made some good friends.

Caron Rose - Ballroom Dancing


An HNC in Business Studies from Sheffield

When I'm Not At Work

I spend a lot of time either practising or competing at ballroom dancing. I love walking - preferably when it's warm; and the flatter the landscape, the better. I'm a keen allotmenteer (though often thwarted by the weather).

I sing in a local community choir which is exhilarating and always a joy. I'm learning to fish but I suspect it will take a while as I'm only keen (just like the walking) to do it when it's fine and warm which in the UK more or less eliminates half the year!

Caron Rose - Ballroom Dancing

The Five Questions

  • Favourite film?
    Ridiculous! How can you only have one? All The President's Men might be the winner though.
  • Favourite band?
    Pink Floyd.
  • Perfect meal?
    Anything with dumplings in.
  • Pets?
    Nope. But I have a soft spot for schnauzers.
  • Happiest when?
    The sun is shining and the temperature is above 16 celsius (the higher the better). I'm known as 'The Lizard' apparently...

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