David Robinson


In A Nutshell

I'm Dave Robinson and I founded Red Evolution in 2003 when I left Fifth Ring. I hired my first employee in 2006 and I've grown Red Evolution organically from there.

I'm one of those people who bridges the gap between the techs and the non-techs, that is to say I love helping non-techs "get" the web and do more business using it. I'm a big picture person, perhaps a thinker, but thankfully the amazing guys I employ love the detail and delivery.


My background is diverse, my working life starting in Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering as a mechanical engineering apprentice. Since then I've run various small businesses, worked in the oil and gas industry in the UK and Norway and academia.

Dave Robinson - Motorbike


My qualifications include an ONC and HNC in Mechanical and Production Engineering, a BSc (Dist) in Building Surveying and an MSc (Dist) in Information Systems. I'm also a Chartered Engineer (CEng), a Chartered IT Professional (CITP) and a full professional member of the British Computer Society (MBCS).

When I'm Not At Work

Outside Red Evolution I'm proud to be a member of the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, working as a Retained Firefighter, I'm a Crew Commander. It's sharp end stuff and something I enjoy immensely despite some of the challenging things we have to deal with.

I play drums and sing in a band and my partner and I used to compete in ballroom dancing at a national level, we're currently on sabbatical, from the dancing! I'm also a keen golfer and part-time surfer.

I've got a few motorbikes, including a 1971 750 Norton Commando, a 1966 650 AJS, a 1990 750 Suzuki, a 1975 250 Suzuki, a 1964 350 Matchless, a 1957 175 BSA Bantam and a 1977 Honda 400/4. I enjoy hill walking and I live here.

Dave Robinson - Hill Walk

The Five Questions


1 Favourite film?

The Bridges of Madison County.

2 Favourite band?

Pink Floyd.

3 Perfect meal?

Sweet and Sour HK style.

4 Pets?

Not at the moment...

5 Happiest when?

Playing the drums.

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