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Dave Robinson

In A Nutshell

I'm Dave Robinson and I founded Red Evolution in 2003 when I left Fifth Ring. I hired my first employee in 2006 and I've grown Red Evolution organically from there.

I'm one of those people who bridges the gap between the techs and the non-techs, that is to say I love helping non-techs "get" the web and do more business using it. I'm a big picture person, perhaps a thinker, but thankfully the amazing guys I employ love the detail and delivery.

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My background is diverse, my working life starting in Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering as a mechanical engineering apprentice. Since then I've run various small businesses, worked in the oil and gas industry in the UK and Norway and academia.


My qualifications include an ONC and HNC in Mechanical and Production Engineering, a BSc (Dist) in Building Surveying and an MSc (Dist) in Information Systems. I'm also a Chartered Engineer (CEng), a Chartered IT Professional (CITP) and a full professional member of the British Computer Society (MBCS).

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When I'm Not At Work

Outside Red Evolution I'm proud to be a member of the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, working as a Retained Firefighter, I'm a Crew Commander and drive the fire engine in the photograph. It's sharp end stuff and something I enjoy immensely despite some of the challenging things we have to deal with.

I play drums and sing in a band and my partner and I used to compete in ballroom dancing at a national level, we're currently on sabbatical, from the dancing! I'm also a keen golfer and part-time surfer.

I've got a few motorbikes, including a 1971 750 Norton Commando, a 1966 650 AJS, a 1990 750 Suzuki, a 1975 250 Suzuki, a 1964 350 Matchless, a 1957 175 BSA Bantam, a 1977 Honda 400/4 and a 2007 650 TransAlp. I'm currently in the market for a VFR.

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