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We're a Scottish agency that works with tech and engineering companies. We create lead-generation websites that help our customers find new opportunities for growth. SEO plays a key role in this endeavour.

We work with organisations in Edinburgh that need a plain-talking business-focused SEO partner. Since 2003 we've been helping businesses create a web presence that ensures they get found by their ideal customers. If your business isn't generating enquiries that help you to grow, we'll do whatever it takes to make sure it does.

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Some Of The Fantastic Organisations That We Work With

Searching For An SEO Company In Edinburgh?

Looking for a trustworthy Edinburgh-based SEO agency proving harder than it should be? We know that finding a reliable search marketing partner, SEO consultant or SEO expert can be incredibly challenging and more than a little daunting, what with their contracts and commitments. The thing is, good agencies like us don't have to rely on tying their customers in; the results do that for us.

Google Search

I worked with Red Evolution to develop the website for the North American branch of our business. Work was done quickly and to a high standard. Julie and Dave were always on hand to fulfil any requests and answer any questions I had, including recording video walkthroughs to help me understand the process. I'd highly recommend Red Evolution for any website work.

Nick Purslow


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How We Approach Search Projects

In our experience, some people are nervous about starting a search engine optimisation project. This may be the result of a previous engagement that didn't go well or simply because it feels like a leap into the unknown. Either way, our approach removes any anxiety, and this is how.

First, we want you to work with us because you believe we can help you. However, until we get to know your business and ambitions, we can't possibly know if we're the right team to get the results you need. So all our engagements start with a Discovery session, and you only pay for this if you decide we're the right team.

It's worth noting that the Discovery session is more than a simple getting-to-know-you chat; although that's part of it, but rather it creates the blueprint for the initial few months of our engagement.

Once the Discovery session is complete, you'll know two important things.

  1. The work required to get the results you need.
  2. If we're the right agency for you.

This approach helps to start the process of building trust and understanding, and with these two things in place, everything else is a lot easier. It's also worth noting that going forward, we don't ask you to sign a binding contract; the only reason we want you to work with us is that we're getting you fantastic results.


HubSpot CMS Web Build & Digital Strategy

When Glampitect prepared to launch new businesses in Dubai and the USA, they asked us for advice. We took the opportunity to redesign and rebuild the entire website in HubSpot CMS, giving them a fresh, new, multi-country website, created to generate leads.

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What Google Say About Hiring An SEO

Watching this video from Google is a great way to get an impartial overview of the best way to find and hire an SEO. It covers everything to look for, including avoiding scammers and not falling foul of a dodgy link building campaign.

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An SEO Process Proven To Work

Using a proven methodology, we ensure you’re reaching people you’d never be able to reach using traditional marketing methods.

To be clear, this isn’t about ensuring you get found in Google. It’s about ensuring that you get found by the customers who can transform your business. The people who are out there looking for what you’re selling and stumbling across your competitors instead.

It’s a tough process that requires a lot of hard work, but as a seasoned SEO agency with a field-proven methodology, we think we’re your best bet for long-term success and sustainable business growth.

Absolutely outstanding service. Nothing is too much bother for this team and I would highly recommend!

John O'Malley
John O'Malley

Owner, O'Malley Property

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SEO Keeps You Ahead Of Your Competition

Like many businesses in Edinburgh, you operate in a competitive market that's getting more competitive year on year. To stay ahead and ensure your ideal customers find you when searching in Google™, you need to leverage SEO.

Being found online by people who need to buy what you sell is a powerful and cost-effective business development methodology. Switched-on organisations in Edinburgh have transformed their fortunes by implementing an effective search marketing strategy. SEO creates opportunities in ways traditional marketing never could. It puts you in front of potential customers when they try to solve a problem or make a purchase.

No Black Magic

We appreciate that SEO has a bit of a reputational problem. In fact, we think it’s probably safe to assume that you have your own ideas about the general quality of modern-day SEO services – and that these preconceived notions are one of the key reasons you’ve set out to find a local SEO agency that you could hold to account for the work that goes into your SEO campaign.

Rather than rattle on about our credentials or trustworthy nature, we’d prefer to let you see how we approach SEO projects. We figure it’s best to pull back the curtain and talk you through our process in detail, giving you transparency so that you can decide whether you want to trust us with your digital growth strategy.

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Ready To Get Started

Whenever we set to work on an SEO project, we start with some detailed keyword research designed to help us pinpoint high-value phrases and shape our campaign.

When we decided to build this page, we turned to tools like SEMRush, Google’s own keyword tool, Seed Keywords and Answer The Public to work out what our target audience was using to track down and buy local SEO services in Edinburgh.

Once we’d established that people like you were using phrases like SEO agency Edinburgh or SEO services Edinburgh or SEO agencies in Edinburgh, we googled those phrases. We looked at everyone ranking in positions 1-9.

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SEO Isn't Rocket Science

Ultimately, the pages ranking in position 1-9 were the only ones we needed to beat. People often over-simplify SEO by turning it into a box-ticking exercise: Write x words of content, include x variations of the keyword etc. As if Google sets universal benchmarks for rankability.

But in actual fact, SEO is a competition. All you really need to focus on is producing more authoritative, detailed and trustworthy content than the content currently ranking for a given phrase.

More often than not, that means writing a lot of content. But it also means paying attention to how you use topically-relevant phrases that give Google important context, ensuring that your page is engaging, and getting plenty of links from other websites to demonstrate its trustworthiness.

It also means keeping a close eye on the technical stuff and making continuous improvements to your content – based on real-world engagement data to ensure that you’re creating an on-page experience that convinces visitors to get in touch.

It’s a long and exacting process that takes time to yield results. But once Google notices your content, the sky really is the limit. We generate the overwhelming majority of our business from organic search results. While we’re sure there’ll be more strings to your marketing bow, we have no doubt that a strong SEO strategy has the potential to transform the fortunes of most businesses.

Want To Talk SEO

We’re always happy to strike up a friendly conversation - or provide a free video audit of your site. We appreciate that picking the right SEO agency will be key to your future growth, and wouldn’t expect you to jump into any engagement without establishing that we were the right team for you.

Just fill out the form below, and a team member will be in touch to discuss your current situation and how we can work together. Chances are, this email will start a long and fruitful partnership.

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What Our Clients Say

Would You Like To Discuss Your Requirements?

You'll find our plain English approach refreshing, so please use this form to tell us about your project, and we'll contact you to arrange a convenient time to discuss it.

If you'd prefer to book a meeting right now, at a time that suits you, you can do that here.

We won't share your information or use it for any purpose other than to contact you to discuss your requirements.

SEO Services FAQ

Q. Does SEO really work?
A. Yes. A well-executed SEO strategy will make sure your ideal customers find your website pages.
Q. How long does SEO take to work?
A. The length of time it takes for SEO to work depends on your market, your competition and the authority of your website. It's usually measured in months but can take longer.
Q. What is meant by search engine optimisation?
A. Search engine optimisation means any work designed to improve the amount of traffic a web page secures from Google searches.
Q. What is the purpose of search engine optimisation?
A. The purpose of search engine optimisation is to increase the number of enquires a business receives through its website from people who search in Google and Bing.
Q. What are the benefits of search engine optimisation?
A. The benefits of a well executed SEO campaign are an increase in web-based enquiries and more sales.
Q. How much does SEO cost per month?
A. The monthly cost of SEO varies depending on the amount of work being carried out. Some businesses spend thousands.
Q. What does SEO mean in business?
A. In business, SEO means more website traffic and more enquiries through your website.
Q. How can I check my website ranking?
A. The easiest way to check your website rankings, for free, is by using Google's Search Console. It's easy to set up and provides lots of valuable insights about your website.
Q. How long does it take to get found on Google?
A. The length of time it takes for your website to be found in Google depends on the competitive nature of your market and competition. In some areas of business, search engine success can take years.
Q. How do I increase my website visibility on Google?
A. Increasing your website's visibility on Google involves creating and optimising content people need. This process is started with keyword research.