Have you got a Web Positioning Strategy for growing your business?

Your potential customers are looking online for the products and services you offer, are they finding you?

A well thought out and well-executed web positioning strategy will position your business in Google™ search results and generate valuable business opportunities. Have you got the right positioning strategy in place?

Are Your Ideal Customers Finding You Online?

People search Google™ every day looking for information, products and services. If they don't find your business, they will find your competitors. To address this, you need a web positioning strategy and a lead generating website. Here's how we make that happen for businesses who want to secure their share of online opportunities.

Based in Scotland, we're a digital agency that works with clients worldwide. We create the right web positioning strategy for your business by running a Discovery Session. This might seem odd, but here's why we don't charge you for this crucial piece of work.

Your business is unique, and unless we understand exactly why you do what you do, who you do it for and finally, what it is that you do, we can't possibly know if we're the right agency to help you find more customers online.

Plus, since we started our business in 2003, we've developed a thorough understanding of customers' concerns about investing in digital marketing, especially if they have previously had less than satisfactory experiences. Our no-obligation Discovery Session is a great way to help potential customers like you better understand the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Also, because we're a digital strategy-first agency that works with our customers using an ongoing digital marketing monthly retainer, we can consistently build and improve your online presence.

Why Bother With A Web Positioning Strategy?

If you think about how you use Google you'll realise that like most people you type questions into the Google search box. What is...? How to...? What's the best...? and so on. Your customers are doing the same, they are looking for solutions to problems.

By developing an understanding of the questions they are asking you can develop a web positioning strategy that puts your company in front of people at the right time, when they need help.

We spoke about this with author Marcus Sheridan whose seminal work, They Ask, You Answer, available from all good book stores, sets out in very simple language how answering your customers' questions generates business growth. The conversation is available in this episode of our Digital Marketing From The Coalface podcast.

This is commonly known as content marketing and involves writing blogs, shooting videos, creating e-books, producing podcasts and so on. Using content marketing we help businesses like yours thrive online, but is all starts by creating the right web positioning strategy.

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Do You Want To Grow Your Business Online?

Forward-thinking businesses know how powerful strong website positioning can be for business development. A strategic approach and a well thought out strategy will make sure your ideal customers come to you looking for solutions to their problems. Is it time to join the thousands of businesses who have invested in their web presence and are now reaping the rewards? Well probably not, the time to do that was last year or the year before that but now's better than waiting for another year.

We're Refreshingly Plain Talking And Approachable

As mentioned above, we know that some people are nervous about engaging with an agency to discuss digital marketing. It seems like a black art and if you're paying for something you don't understand, that's often a stressful situation. Remember that time you enjoyed the process of buying a house? Didn't think so.

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But we're different. We're a plain-talking Scottish digital marketing agency that explains things simply, and we meet weekly to discuss what we're doing and why. In fact, some of our clients choose to meet with us every week to discuss progress, and we love that. Plus, with our free Discovery Session approach, you get to work with us risk-free until we all understand the work at hand and we've established we're going to enjoy working together.

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